Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tree Planting, Phase II

For a gardener like me, having 12 acres of land is pure paradise. It means I can grow as many different trees and plants as my little heart desires. Of course, I take the plants' needs into consideration, but really my options are unlimited. I can order plants without thinking, "But I just don't have the space for that!"

When I set about planning what I wanted to plant my first year back home, I decided to try new species of trees and perennials. I took my time and did my research. I spent the winter months shopping online and drawing sketches of where everything would go. I made meticulous notes for myself on several sheets of notebook paper, such as: "River Birch (1) - shade for master bedroom".

Today, my third tree order from the Arbor Day Foundation arrived. A triangular box with eleven trees and shrubs required my immediate attention. And the weather was lousy. Undaunted, I once again donned my tree planting gear and headed outside. Thankfully, I didn't have 53 trees to plant like I did for the 1st phase!

I have planted two River Birches, one by the master bedroom and one in the windbreak. I chose them for their quick growth, shade, fall color, adaptability and their unusual, peeling bark. I am anxious to see how all the trees I've planted grow this year. Planting trees is an exercise in patience, a commodity I'm usually short of.

Other trees and shrubs that were planted on the Twelve Acres today include:

I'm just a tree plantin' fool this year! I've got 50 evergreens from our county's soil and water conservation district arriving on Wednesday. Grab a shovel and come on over!

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