Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tree Planting, Phase III

I planted the rest of this year's trees today. I ordered 50 evergreens (30 Norway Spruces, 10 Colorado Blues, 10 American Arborvitae) and 1 Arnold's Red Honeysuckle from the soil and water conservation district. I got one extra Colorado Blue Spruce, which was a nice freebie. Who doesn't like Colorado Blues? One of my garden mail orders showed up while I was out planting, so I also planted two Manchurian Apricots and one dappled willow. The apricot trees went out in the windbreak in a sunny location and the dappled willow went next to the dock by the pond. It was one of those trees I saw in a catalog and wanted to try. Hopefully it won't try to take over like some willows do.

To get an idea of the area I'm trying to plant, take a look at this previous blog entry. The empty area in the top right corner of the satellite photo is what I'm trying to fill with trees. I got about half of the area filled now, the rest will have to wait until next spring.

Here is the empty area from the front of the house. That brick house across the street belonged to my grandparents. Now my cousin, Sandy, and her family own it. Sandy is happy that I'm replanting the windbreak too. It will give them the privacy they had before the tornado tore the trees out in 1996. The huge gap between the three pines on the left and the two pines on the right is what I am planting.


  1. Amy, that willow should do great by the water and grow realatively fast, but won't you be like, 90, before you see some size on the rest of those sprouts?

  2. Sadly, yes. But this property will remain in the family, so my grandchildren will have some nice, big evergreens to enjoy. Thanks Kathie!


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