Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cleanup Crew

Derek and I were treated to a rare sighting. Well, maybe it's not so rare, but how many people get to watch two vultures finish off a rabbit carcass in their own backyards? Probably not very many. We watched the first Turkey Vulture circle over the carcass, then land. He cautiously approached, looking for signs of danger. We held very still on the back deck and watched through binoculars. The bird began tearing at the carcass while a second one approached from the south. It, too, circled then landed. The two sparred very briefly for ownership of the largest piece, then the second relented and settled for a hind leg that had been torn off by a previous vulture.

I suppose this makes Derek and I "hard-core" bird watchers. I mean, should we be so fascinated by watching two vultures eat an old dead rabbit? It was a great example of a complete circle of life for us. We've witnessed the entire life cycle from birth to death. And isn't it perfect planning to have a raptor who's only function in life is to dispose of rotting carcasses? For our blessing at supper, Jim thanked God for all the animals we've been blessed with here on the Twelve Acres, and the stewardship we've been entrusted with to manage this land and care for all the animals that share it with us.

Truly, we are blessed.

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  1. I have always been fascinated by turkey buzzards! It's a sure sign of spring!

    I would have watched them with you. Here's a link to Ruth's photoblog and a pic of turkey buzzards on our barn:



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