Monday, March 31, 2008

Tree Planting, Stage I

This winter, I placed two orders with the Arbor Day Foundation. They showed up today while I was sleeping. 53 baby trees. Holy schmoly. I quickly got dressed after gulping a cup of coffee and grabbed my planting diagrams on the way out the door. Thank the good Lord above I have the foresight to draw those diagrams or today would have been a complete nightmare!

It was a perfect day for planting, except for the wind. The temperature was in the 50's. The ground is very soft from all the rain/snow we've had and it was easy to get the seedlings planted. I made very good use of all that wonderful pine mulch we made in February, too. Every single tree is mulched with a good layer of finely textured pine mulch. The first photo shows the trees separated according to their planting destinations. I used the measuring wheel to get the trees the right distance apart, according to my diagrams. When planning your landscape, always measure the area and draw a diagram of where things will get planted!

I got half of the order planted today and the other half will have to wait until tomorrow. I simply ran out of daylight today or I'd probably still be out there. I am pleased with the way my plans all came together. They sent me two extra Hazelnuts which was a nice surprise. I am planting a mixture of hardwood deciduous trees with several species of conifers. I ordered some species I've never tried before because I am bored with the same old Norway Spruce/Austrian Pine/Colorado Blue Spruce/White Pine combination most people stick to around here. I also designed a two-stage windbreak for the back yard which will help slow the southern winds in winter, my goal being to reduce heating costs. Of course, it will take time for the trees to grow and fill in in order for that to happen, but I've got plenty of time out here on the Twelve Acres.

I specifically chose some of the trees based on their ability to provide food for birds. The Serviceberries, Hazelnuts, Oaks and conifers all provide food for many bird species, and the Hazelnuts will also provide a tasty crop of nuts for us. All of the trees will provide shelter and nest sites for the birds as well.

If you are a tree lover but aren't a member of the Arbor Day Foundation, I suggest you consider joining. The membership fee is $10 for a 6 month membership and $15 for a year membership. The incentive to join is the 10 free trees you get for joining. I planted my 10 free trees last fall along with a small initial order I placed. They are still dormant so I don't know if I lost any this winter yet.

Tomorrow I will plant the trees I ordered for the windbreak and the trees that will fill in the gaps in the fence row. I think we're due for even more rain tomorrow so I might have to plant in the rain. I've planted trees in all kinds of weather though, including during a heavy snow storm! Tree planting, Stage II comes in two weeks when the 50 evergreens I ordered from our county's Soil and Water Conservation District arrive. Phew!

This last photo shows a typical order from the Arbor Day Foundation. They always do an excellent job of packaging the trees for shipment.


  1. I planted some Arbor Foundation trees last spring and five of them have survived. I believe they are all Hemlocks. You are enlarging your Green Footprint!!! You will be glad you did all of this work, they will be beautiful and bountiful.

    I spelled Pieris wrong. The way I just spelled it is correct!

  2. Thank you for that info, Don. That is a lovely plant!

  3. Isn't that just like a tree to show up when you are trying to nap! Hope that coffee gave you a boost for your digging! I can't wait to see the posts when they start growing!


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