Wednesday, April 23, 2008

They Grow So Fast!

The bird on the left is a Black Austalorp named Roseanna; the one on the right is a Barred Rock. I took these photos on Sunday when the chicks were officially one week old. They no longer look like teeny puff balls on legs. Now they have taken on a definite "bird look". They have become braver out in the coop. When I spend time with them I sit on the floor and let them come up and perch on me. In the morning it seems that I help provide a higher position from which to jump off and flap their wings in their morning exercise routine.

Silver, our free mystery chick, seems to enjoy perching on my head at times. He is a Silver-Spangled Hamburg and is maturing faster than the large breeds. I've read that he'll reach 5 pounds at maturity while the large breeds will outweigh him by another 3 to 5 pounds! You can already see his adult pattern coming through as his feathers develop. His eye is also larger than the others. Perhaps this is what makes Hamburgs especially alert? I am hoping he will turn out to be the "watch dog" of the flock, alerting the others to danger.

What's really interesting to me is watching their individual personalities come through. Some avoid humans like the plague while others run right up to meet us when we open the coop door. Some immediately fly up to land on my lap while others are content to peck at the floor around me. Birds are so funny, especially chickens. I could spend hours with them if only my schedule would allow it.


  1. They grow up so fast! I love the last picture you have posted!

  2. Hee hee! Chickens make me laugh with their antics and their sideways way of looking at you.

  3. Bwahahaha- love that last picture, Amy! It looks like it's saying "what the heck is this thing?"
    I love your little Hamburg- it looks just like our Hamburger did. Silver will be a beautiful bird one day.

  4. Mine are a week older than yours and it is amazing how different they look after just one more week! Their personalities are interesting aren't they? One of my Golden Campines jumps right up to me and begs for worms, while others huddle inthe corner thinking I'm going to eat them or something. Bunch of scaredy cat chickens!

  5. Paula, don't let Silver know that. He might get a big head. He really is quite sweet now. At first he was very skittish. I still have to be gentle picking him up, but once he's on my hand he's fine. He also seems to like perching on my head sometimes!

    Don, the personality differences are remarkable. The scaredy cats may be the ones we eat. I much prefer approachable birds. And I love it when they fly up into my lap to perch. My little Buff Orp roo fell asleep in my hands this morning and it was so touching.


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