Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Chook Cabin

Construction of the chicken coop began in March using lumber salvaged from my workplace. It measures 8' x 8'. We only had to buy four sheets of plywood and a few boards for the trim pieces, the rest of the wood was absolutely FREE! Gotta love that! The door is the former garage screen door that was blown off during a particularly violent wind storm in January. The window is a framed piece of plexiglass with a hardware cloth screen in front of it.

Jim worked very hard on the coop and I really have to hand it to him...he did an excellent job. Notice the little decorative piece at the roof peak. He came up with that design himself. It's the north star above a heart. My cousin, John, helped moved the coop onto its cinder block foundation. Isn't it nice to have a family member with a forklift?

The nestboxes were made from leftover scraps. There are eight total--four on each side. The coop faces south to soak up the sun in winter and is shaded by the shop. There are several pines around the coop that will provide shade for the chickens when they are out in their run. We won't be building the run just yet. First we'll have to cut the hen door and make a little ramp for them.

The chicks arrive next week, on April 14. I'm sure they'll just love their cozy little Chook Cabin!


  1. Your husband did a fabulous job with your coop! I love the price too. It looks so cozy on the inside. May I give you one recommendation? I would consider putting some cheap (free) linoleum or other water proof covering on the floor, otherwise that plywood will absorb lots of liquid chicken stuff and not last very long. It also may become very smelly.

  2. I forgot to mention the floor. I work at Fenner-Dunlop where we make industrial conveyor belts. I have some 1/2" thick belt that will cover the plywood floor. It hasn't been installed yet. Thanks Don!

  3. WONDERFUL chicken coop!!!!
    Your chickens will LOVE it!
    We don't have a floor in our coop... just good old dirt! It has been wonderful.... NO smell! Plus, no cleaning required.
    Enjoy your chickens, I sure love mine!

  4. I love the Chook Cabin, nice job!

  5. Thanks for commenting ladies! I am so anxious to get started. And I'm looking forward to having my own fresh chicken eggs whenever I want!

  6. This is an awesome coop- this is better than Martha Stewart's.
    Yay for you, Amy!


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