Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buff Orpington Recess Time!

Yesterday, all of my black chicks (Barred Rocks & Black Australorps) got to play in the lawn. Today it was the Buff Orpingtons' turn. They weren't nearly as adventurous as the other chicks. They pecked around in the grass a bit, then eventually they all ended up in my lap!

It's funny how the differences between the breeds becomes noticeable as soon as you separate them. The Orpingtons seem very sweet, quiet and shy while the Australorps are much bolder and outgoing. The Barred Rocks are somewhere in between. And then there's our one Silver-Spangled Hamburg, who marches to the beat of his own drummer. He's the smallest of the flock but in his mind, he's the largest!


  1. OMG. I want them.
    I have always wanted chickens. But we have too many Coop's around.

  2. I face the same dilemma Susan. We have 7 species of raptors here. I just saw a Sharpie fly over the other day and today a Cooper flew over. Hawk netting or deer netting over the run will protect the chickens. I won't let them out to run unless I'm out in the yard with them.

    I know, I'm an enabler!

  3. I love your chicks! Mine are really skittish. THe weather hasn't been warm enough to take them out, but it should be Friday and I am planning on a little field trip for some of them.

    I worry about hawks too. I am planning on letting mine out into a 60' x 60' electrified pen. I am hoping that I can put things in there that will discourage the hawks. Hmmm...

  4. Don, enjoy the field trip! They love pecking around in the grass and it's so fun to just sit and watch them. I wonder what goes on in those little bird brains?

  5. Awwww cuties aLuckily we don't have as many predators over here in Blighty, the only real worry is foxes, which luckily can't scale tall, loose chicken wire enclosures.

    I can't wait til we get some chicks, but then we're just getting used to keeping our chickens...

    ...always plenty of time though.


  6. don't shoot me but I just cannot help my self."with a chick chik here and a chick chick there......"


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