Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Ready For Eggs

My chicks are only 5 days old and I'm ready for eggs.

I have a credit card that gives me credit each time I use it. I received a coupon from them today letting me know I had $25 to blow online, something I've been waiting for. I went to Amazon's website and ordered my Calphalon 10-inch omelette pan and an egg cookbook, "The Good Egg: More than 200 Fresh Approaches from Breakfast to Dessert". Let's go girls!

Today the chicks moved out to the coop. The weather is nice and warm and is going to stay that way from the looks of the weather reports. The chooks have their 250 watt heat lamp to keep them cozy and the coop is comfortable. I should know, I've been checking them about every half hour! I miss having them in the house. It was nice to hear their little peeps in the background. But they were ready for the coop. As soon as I released them, they ran around like crazy kids that have been cooped up for too long! I laughed out loud as I watched them zip around, tiny wings a-flappin'!

Tomorrow I'll get them out to play in the green grass again. I've been getting them out in small groups and letting them forage in the lawn each day. I am amazed at how good they are at honing in on the slightest movement from the tiniest of bugs. I watched as three chicks feasted on little winged ants today! The Barred Rocks seem especially adept at foraging followed by the Black Australorps. The Buff Orpingtons are content to let others do most of the searching, then they zoom in like laser beams once something has been found!

What wondersome creatures.

OK, it's time to check the babies again!


  1. I LOVE chicks!!!!! I just picked up 18 yesterday and have had 5/10 hatch from the incubator last night!!! I will be posting pics over the weekend on my blog. My older ones are sitll laying eggs! Yesterday I got 16 (from 20 hens)!!! Farm fresh eggs are the BEST!!!!!!!

  2. We have 37 chickens, we get minimal eggs from our bantams so I cannot wait until our Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds start laying. My husband has almost completed their pen so they should all be out of the barn this weekend. I love all the pictures!

  3. You and I are a lot alike! I am ready for my two week old chicks to get a move on! I tried taking my chicks out for a little play time in the grass and had mass hysteria!

  4. Heather, Wow! You have a lot of chickens! You'll have to share some egg recipes. Do you sell any?

    And CountryGirl has even more chickens! I've heard that Bantam eggs are great for making rich yellow omelettes because they have proportionately more yolk than regular eggs. How many Bantam eggs does it take to make an omelette?

    Don, sorry to hear the field trip didn't go well. You just never know with birds. I think I lucked out with my choice of breeds and I really am loving the Australorps. They are calm, sweet and downright funny!



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