Monday, April 14, 2008

Meet The Chicks

Finally, my babies are here! I ordered 13 Buff Orps (one roo), 7 Black Australorps (one roo) and 5 Barred Rocks (straight run). I received 27 chicks, with one clearly the oddball "rare" chick they throw in for free. I don't know what the other extra is, but hopefully it's one of the breeds I ordered.

Hubby and I think the freebie chick may be a silver spangled hamburg. Opinions? It's clearly smaller than the rest of the gang and much more active. It also has a more upright stance. It's back is mottled, not barred. Also there is a light greenish/bluish tint to the legs.

I can't tell the difference between the BR's and the BA's. Can you give me some tips? Not that it matters I guess. In a few days the BR's will be showing their stripes. Wouldn't the Australorps have darker shanks? This one has a set of lungs! I suspect it's a roo based on the white blotch on the top of its head. I have five such chicks, the rest have dark black heads. Am I correct in my assumption?

Lastly, this little chick has chosen Derek. She stuck close to him, climbed on him and nibbled some oats out of his hand. He has named her Roseanna and we think she is a Black Australorp. Derek is so happy that one of the chicks is now his!


  1. How much fun is that! I love your choices of breeds. I think Buff Orpingtons are one of my favorites. The name is also very cool.

    Mine are feathering out already! They grow so fast. Hey, I sound like a parent.

    Have fun with them.

  2. Well Don, I feel like the mother of 27 toddlers! The Orpingtons are very sweet. I think the Australorps are my favorite so far. Isn't it fun to discover each one's own personality?


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