Monday, September 1, 2008


Is there anything more satisfying than providing for yourself? I've always been a do-it-yourselfer. My whole purpose in raising chickens was to provide some food for our family in the form of eggs and an occasional chicken dinner. Egg layers aren't particularly meaty chickens, but you can eat them--especially the roosters.

My lunch today was two small fried eggs laid this morning by Gertie and Sweetheart. Compare them to the slice of toast and you'll see just how small they are! Fresh eggs are so much better than stale store-bought eggs. I remarked to Derek that even the whites have a better, lighter texture and aren't chewy in any way. The yolks are a deep yellow and taste very rich. Sweetheart's was slightly darker than Gertie's.

On this Labor Day I do not plan to labor. I see Sweet Pea is in a nest box right now, so maybe I will be collecting my first-ever Barred Rock egg soon!

Have a great holiday and spend it as you wish!


  1. There is nothing like a farm fresh egg! Happy holiday to you too! ~Kim

  2. I love farm fresh eggs! AND providing for yourself. I love being able to go out in the garden and grab a fresh veggie!

  3. It must be genetic or something. I have friends who think I am a bit eccentric for having chickens, but you and I know better. I am getting three eggs per day right now. I have a mystery layer of a light brown egg. It will be difficult to figure out who she is!!

    Hey! Those eggs need some pepper! (to each her own!!);)

  4. Orange yokes are very satisfying. Yuuuum. It's so fun knowing our chickens are the same age and have been laying the same length of time.

  5. j&j, I agree! Fresh veggies are the best!

    Don, I wouldn't say I'm eccentric. I'm "unique"! I agree, the eggs needed pepper and I'll remember that next time. I hope you can catch they mystery brown egg layer!

    Ruth, Indeed. And if we were neighbors we could watch Chicken TV together!

  6. Man! Those eggs look awesome. I sure am looking forward to fresher ones!

    You and Jim sound like quite a team. We both love being at home as much as we can be too. :)


  7. Hi Amy,
    My new addiction is farm raised free range fresh eggs! I cannot seem to get enough! I recently ran out of my favorites and went to the market to get supposedly "fresh farm eggs" and they were super small and the palest tiny yellow yolks i have ever seen. So i seriously doubt the freshness and maybe the diet of the birds that layed those eggs! It's terrible because now that i can tell the difference, i am an egg snob! ;)


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