Saturday, September 6, 2008

Special Egg

This is a special "first" egg because it comes from a special chickie. My girl Betty (Barred Rock) laid her very first egg today at 21 weeks old. It didn't take her very long either. I went out to check for eggs while dinner was cooking and saw that Betty was in a nest box. She's been checking the nest boxes out the past few days so I figured she wasn't far from producing an egg. I went back in and about 10 minutes later Derek came in the house excited and holding this rather pointy, speckled egg. Isn't it sweet?

So it's official, all the Rocks are laying. I also found a light creamy egg with tiny speckles in the run this afternoon. I suspect it's an Australorp egg but I didn't witness the event so I'm not sure. It's obviously different from the other eggs and it's obviously a first egg. Perhaps tomorrow the pullet who laid it will get caught in a nest box. I'd rather they put their eggs in a nest than in the run. I have a feeling it was laid there because Sweetheart, a rather pugnacious Orpington, was laying an egg at the same time. And when Sweetheart is in a nest don't bother her! The other girls will stand outside the coop as if they are waiting for her to finish so they can get in there and do what they want to do. Picture a line of girls waiting at the bathroom door with their knees crossed!

The girls laid 5 eggs today total. Tomorrow I will cook up our first ever fried egg dinner using our own chicken eggs. They are small so it might take a dozen to do it. Derek had 5 eggs for breakfast this morning.


  1. That's a pretty egg! And now I have one, too! I posted about it just now. It was sooooo good! I can't wait to have enough for everybody.

  2. That egg is beautiful - I couldn't dye an easter egg any prettier!

  3. This is so great, Amy! The egg is just beautiful and so is the picture of it. Cute picture of Betty too!

    Love the image of the hens lined up waiting too. :D

  4. How fun! Are we eccentric? Are we obsessed? Are we beyond any help?

    I think so too...

    especially you!! :)

  5. Susan, I'm so excited for you. Those first eggs are so special! I don't think I'll ever get tired of finding these little gems.

    Shellmo, neither could I. Nature does it best!

    Danni, what, no treats???

    Ruth, Betty is a sassy little wench but very cute. Everyone should have at least one Rock in their flock to keep them humble.

    Don, at least it keeps us off the streets, right? RIGHT???

  6. Treats? Isn't my high praise "treat" enough? :-) :-)

  7. Yay for Beautiful Betty!!
    Let the nest wars begin!! LOL


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