Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ducks Meet Chickens

I didn't have a lot to do this morning so I decided to bird watch, country style. I let the chickens out and watched them as I raked back the mulch they had so graciously strewn about. They wandered into the back yard and nibbled on grass beneath the lone spruce tree. The ducks saw them and I could hear them peeping. I watched and waited to see what would happen next. The ducks got closer and closer and soon they were only separated by the tree trunk. The chickens worked their way back to the front of the house and left the ducks behind. I went in for something to eat and to watch the news.

When I came back out I found the ducks next to the driveway under yet another spruce tree. It seemed as if they wanted to be with the chickens! So I hearded them into the chicken run and closed the gate. I left them together for a few hours to see what, if anything, would transpire. The chickens were not very happy about this arrangement. They kept their distance and didn't act like they wanted to integrate with the ducks. The ducks proceded to clean up the cracked corn on the ground then settled in for a nap in the shade. Later in the afternoon they emptied the chicken's water and headed for their food. Oh no! I herded them back to their side of the pond and refilled the chooks' water.

Now I'm wondering what will happen next. The ducks come up to the house in the evening which we really don't want. They leave a poopy mess wherever they go and they tend to fall into the basement window wells, in which case we have to go out to rescue them and step in aforementioned poo. These ducks are not cooperating with my plans for them to stay by the pond. They don't even seem to be particularly interested in the pond! I attribute this to the fact that they are only a month old and don't have all their feathers yet.

For now I'm trying to give the ducks time to grow up and take to the pond. But what if they don't? Those of you with ducks please give me some advice.

To add to the odd day Gertie left me this shell-less egg. It feels very weird to hold an egg that doesn't have a shell. How did she know it wasn't a normal egg? She didn't deposit it in a nest--she left it where she roosts above the window! I'll let everyone get a good look at it this evening and then I'll cook it up and feed it back to the chooks. I'd give it to the cat but he doesn't like eggs!


  1. My turkeys are free ranging right now and their poo is huge. Our ducks are in and out of the pond but I only have two.
    Nice egg, I have heard before that when they start laying they can be like that. We supplement our chikens with oyster shells.

  2. Well, I don't know about the ducks but that photo of the shelless egg is a work of art!

  3. heh heh heh...those soft-shelled eggs are just the weirdest. I just played with mine for a while, squishing them this way and pretty, so funny, so...bizarre... :-)
    It has been a few weeks since I've gotten one of those, though, it really must be a brand-new layer kind of thing. Enjoy them while you can! :-D

  4. Kim, I'm glad I was prepared for a shell-less egg from all the reading I did while my chicks were growing. Otherwise I would have freaked out when I found this one!

    Kathie, thank you! It was backlit in the kitchen window. The light made it glow!

    Danni, it was definitely something that had to be felt to really experience it. Very strange! I hope Gertie gives me a normal egg tomorrow!

  5. Very cool egg. Our chickens laid their first 2 eggs last night. They are banty chickens so the eggs are soooo tiny and cute. I want to eat them but I love opening the fridge and seeing them there.

  6. Well, I learn something every day. I just learned that my chickens might lay a squishy egg one of these days. Good to know in advance... thanks. :)

    Naughty ducks! Clean that pond!

    I wonder if you could make some duck diapers for them... then you could use all that glorious poo in your compost pile... hmmm...



  7. Don had one of those, so weird!

    I'll let him tell you about his little excitement today . . .

  8. Mandie, it is hard to eat the first ones. A lot of people will blow out the first egg and save it for posterity.

    Ron, yes do be prepared for the odd rubbery egg! Abby will love it! The ducks seem to be more intent on the pond today. I see them drinking from it regularly. Perhaps this is a good sign? Ummm, duck diapers? I'll let you design those!

    Ruth, I look forward to hearing about Don's excitement! Was it a double-yolker???


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