Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yard Birds

I awoke to a beautiful day today well rested and ready for my week off. I got myself together and checked for eggs while the coffee brewed. Betty was busy laying an egg and I left quietly without disturbing her.

It's partly cloudy today and the air has that wonderful fall crispness with a nice pine aroma mingling with the sound of chirping crickets. I don't have much to do today besides washing the linens, so I'm having fun taking photos of the yard. Of course, there are yard birds wherever I go.

The soybeans are just beginning to yellow. It won't be long before it's time to harvest. And then there will be an open field seven acres in size. I wonder what the birds will do with all that open space?

Violet and Betty were practicing their synchronized grazing. Betty is a bit off I think. But that's normal for Betty.

I hadn't seen the ducks feeding so I strolled to the back yard to see what they were up to. They were no where to be seen and I couldn't hear them. Were they napping? I called to them as I approached and then they started popping out from under the spruce trees. There they were! Good morning ducks!

They waddled up to me eagerly, expecting me to pour some cracked corn on the ground for them. No corn this time, sorry! They are five weeks old and almost their adult size. Their voices are still changing; some of them peep while the rest of them quack. One of them sounds like an old Model T horn.

The chickens had to follow me, of course. They've learned that if they follow me around the yard they might end up with a tasty treat such as a frog or tomato worm. As the chickens approached the ducks, they each kept to their separate groups but got close enough for a social call. They grazed for a while together and then the ducks went for a drink at the pond's edge.

Silver seems to be unsure of how to handle the ducks. He's the leader of the chickens, but does that mean he should lead the ducks as well? He approaches with wings flapping as if to announce his omnipotence. They don't notice. They're too busy grazing.

He tries coming closer and giving them "the eye". It has no effect and he seems to be frustrated. He gives up on the ducks and goes back to bossing the chickens around.

Isn't he handsome?


  1. Silver is SPLENDIFEROUS!! Wowowowow.

    This was such a wonderful morning walk with you. All the way from the nest box, to the soy beans, and out to the yard with the ducks and chickens. I LOVE seeing the sun today after our hard rains, and it's great to see you have it there too. Fall air has begun, this is a great time of year!

  2. You feed your chickens frogs? We have been trying to get more frogs in our pond, you must have a surplus.
    Your Silver and my Hammy could be twin brothers. I love the blue legs and the funky spikey comb.

  3. Ruth, don't tell Silver that--he's already got a big head! I'm happy to share my morning with you. I've had the most peaceful day I can remember in a long time! Fall is my favorite time of year.

    sugarcreekstuff, our pond is a large 3/4 acre pond so we do have a lot of frogs and toads. After the wet spring we had we had a bumper crop of Leopard frogs and Bull frogs. The chickens catch them easily and they're a good source of protein for them. It's also fun to watch them running around with frogs in their beaks! Yes, Hamburgs are good looking roosters, and such good boys. I think I'll always have a Hamburg in my flock.

  4. I'm glad you had such a nice day all to yourself. It is such a luxury to have the freedom to do just as you please. It is especially nice to have your flocks to hang out with.

    Silver is a show bird!

  5. Don, I never take any of this for granted. I count my many blessings every day. I've had such a relaxing day! Silver is a SHOW OFF! But you know how roosters are...

  6. Silver is VERY handsome. I hope he doesn't end up on the dinner table! Your yard looks like heaven on earth, Amy. What a wonderful, peaceful place.

  7. Kathie, Silver won't be on the table. He's a good rooster--gentle with the girls and non-aggressive toward us. Besides, he's too scrawny under all that fluff!


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