Sunday, September 7, 2008

From Whence I Came

Don has an old tractor. It made me think about another old (older yet!) tractor that my grandparents had. It's a Case tractor and the manufacturer's emblem shows a bald eagle sitting on top of the world. My how tractors have changed! This old brute doesn't even have rubber tires. That's my Uncle Donn on grandpa's lap. Mom wasn't born yet.

Everything has a history. While I'm not much of a history buff, I do appreciate where things come from and how ideas transform into tangible objects which then evolve over time. My grandparents grew up using horses to pull the plow and thresher. Imagine how luxurious it must have felt to own a tractor after doing it the "old fashioned" way!

If you look in the background you can see some little white dots in the second photo. Those are grandma's chickens. I dare say this agricultural affliction seems to run in the family.

Lastly, here's a photo of my grandpa's youngest brother, Earl, and a friend fueling my great-grandfather's old tractor. Isn't the gas pump neat?

I have many more black and white family photos and I love to look through them once in a while. I like to think about how their lives must have been, how difficult things such as laundry and cooking were, and how easy things are for us now in our automated world. If I could have the opportunity to live like they did for a week, I would. I most assuredly would come back to the future though.


  1. Before reading your text I thought your pictures were from an old history book or web site. They are great!! You are most fortunate to have them. That last one is just FANTASTIC!!!!!

    I don't know of any farmers in my line, but there is something about a farm that draws me, that's for sure. But not the work! It would be great to do the farming if it's what you love and you just have to do it. Then the work would be enjoyable, I suppose.

    I agree, we should live for a week without our current technologies and see how we do!

  2. Those pictures are treasures! I have quite a few of my family from the early 1900's, but none of them actually farming. I can remember my dad using a horse to plow the vegetable garden. He would always cuss at Tom because he wouldn't do what Dad wanted.

  3. Those are really good photos! Somebody was a photographer.

    Here is a web site I was looking at to see if I could find out how old that Case tractor is. Scroll down a little when you get there and take a look.

    I love the chickens in the background. I feel too vulnerable to let mine out of their run. maybe I'll work up to it.

  4. Ruth, grandma was the photographer. I still have her Brownie! I think farming appeals to our very basic instincts of providing for ourselves. And, yes, someone had to do it!

    Susan, I can't remember the names of the horses grandma's dad had. I know they were a good team though. She used to talk about them as if they were pets.

    Don, let those chooks run free. I think you'll be surprised at just how good they are at looking after themselves. If you've got a rooster worth his feed, he'll keep the girls together and protected. Try it, your chooks will thank you!

  5. Those are some great photos. I like to hear how things use to be. My grandfather use to tell me lots of stories and I always loved to hear what he had to say.

  6. Oh I wanna get my hands on that brownie! Or you should start snapping with it! Actually I just shot two rolls with a holga, waiting for the CDs to come back from the processor.

  7. Kim, grandma was usually good with the camera. I do have some photos of her thumb though! :)

    Ruth, unfortunately the Brownie's shutter curtain has a light leak. :(

  8. Awww those are wonderful pictures Amy. I love looking through old family pictures... I have several of my Dad and his brothers working on their farm- they never had the money for a tractor so they worked with mules. I think we're a little soft in this day and time, don't you? I know I am!

  9. Paula, we're definitely soft! A week's worth of old-fashioned country livin' would kick my butt!


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