Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bad to the Drumstick

Chickens are so destructive! Their mission in life seems to be to till every surface they can get their little feet on. I went out to see what the chickens were up to and to gather the day's eggs. Just look what they did to the neighbors' lawn! How am I ever going to explain this?

The stormy skies rained on us this morning, thank goodness. We still need more but what we got certainly helps.

At least the ducks are behaving themselves.


  1. Hahahaha! You are too funny! That was veerrry cute and clever.

    But it's true. I remember our last farm a couple decades ago (just 2 years there), the chickens would get out and clean up all around the shrubs - it looked great actually.

    Lovely photos.

  2. Ruth, I would be thrilled if they would just stay out of my mulched areas! They are particularly bad today! I can't let them free range when I'm not around or they'll tear everything up. Bad, bad chickens!

  3. I had to laugh... I stopped trying to keep the landscaping around our house pretty a long time ago...
    15 minutes with Whitey and Ruthie digging in it, and it looks like a hand grenade went off in the mulch!!

  4. Those chickens sure do leave their mark! Hope neighbor gets over the loss of their plush green high-maintenance lawn. :)

    A few days ago, our pigs got loose. They did some serious landscaping for us. I couldn't be mad at them though... they were having a blast. :)


  5. My sister and I have often said...if you want to clear some land for a good garden, throw some chickens and a pig in the area and in a day or two...fertilized and well tilled land!!! Of course, I guess your neighbors were not looking to make their lawn into a garden!!!


  6. That made me laugh out loud! Is that the same field your grandma's chickens were in? The only reason the ducks seem to be behaving is that they are pooping on the grass and not your driveway!

  7. Oh no!!! What are you going to do with those chickens, tehe??!! Looks like the ducks are staying by the water.

  8. Paula, I think I've found a solution to the digging problem: bird netting!

    Ron, I will get over to your blog tonight and read about the pigs' big landscaping job!

    Juri, I agree. In fact, when I get around to starting my garden, I plan to fence in the area I want to use and put the chickens in it for a few weeks to do the tilling and fertilizing for me.

    Don, Not the same field. The one in the chicken photo is across the road. However, the brick house you see in the background is my maternal great-grandparents house. Neat huh? The ducks are better behaved, just misguided in their attempts to sleep near the house at night. Their cuteness makes up for it though.

    Mandie, I've got those chickens figured out now. See my latest entry "My New Best Friend" to see how I did it! Hee hee!


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