Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Day to be a Duck

It's raining here at the Twelve Acres. Not one of those light rains either. We're getting a constant, soaking rain. I'm taking advantage of the weather and staying indoors today to rest and recuperate after a hard week at work. The ducks, on the other hand, are out foraging in the yard. When I took this picture from the front porch they had just finished playing in the puddles in the gravel driveway.

I'm putting my feet up and listening to the rain splash in the pond. Now all I need is a servant to bring me my coffee.


  1. Your ducks have grown so fast. We have had rain here too the last couple days and the next few are not looking very dry. Have a relaxing weekend! ~Kim

  2. We finally have been getting rain and it looks like more tonight. The craters in our backyard are starting to close up. Your ducks are huge! I'll bet they're really enjoying the rain.

    If I lived next door, Amy, I would make you some great coffee and carry it to you!

  3. BTW, I love your new banner, even though I really miss the old one. I need to find out how you do that. Is it Photoshop?

  4. Kim, the ducks are getting big! We love watching them and their antics. You have a relaxing weekend too!

    Susan, I hope you get some good rain this weekend too. Our yard is softening up and doesn't feel like concrete anymore! I use Photoshop to make my banners. I try to use current photos. The old one had a rooster in it that is now in the freezer! And thanks for the coffee! You're a great neighbor!

  5. Good, I'm glad you're getting all this rain too.

  6. I love the rain too! It's interesting to see on the weather map that because of our proximity, we have many of the same weather systems.

    The biggest problem with all of this rain is that my barn roof leaks! I have tarps over the coop area and this keeps most of the water off of them. Nothing worse than a mad, wet hen!

    Ruth makes a mean cup of Joe! (The meaner the better. We'll be right there with some.


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