Friday, March 6, 2009

Avocado Ice Cream and Poppy's Pork Chop

The avocados that have been ripening on the counter were finally ready today. Time to make Alton Brown's Avocado Ice Cream (recipe link). It's a snap to assemble the ingredients since they all go into the blender, except for the heavy cream which has to be stirred in last. After blending the milk, sugar, lemon juice and avocado I put the Nickelodeon slime ice cream mix into the fridge to chill for a few hours.

While the green monster goo ice cream mix chilled, Derek and I spent some time out in the windbreak enjoying the warm weather. We burned some downed limbs, toasted marshmallows over coals, and talked...really talked. It was such a treat for me. As we talked about life, girls, and the future we were joined by an adorable and gutsy little screech owl who responded to our whistles. I'm sure he's the same owl I've been seeing in our duck nest box during the day. He was directly overhead and Derek swears he could see his little owl feet!

When the marshmallows were gone we headed back home. It's such a blessing to have a place in the trees where we can have a camp fire so close to home. I don't ever take that for granted.

I poured the chilled ice cream mix into the ice cream maker and let it churn for about half an hour. It's a lovely shade of pale green. Perhaps I'll paint the bathroom this color some day.

If you're a big fan of avocados (which I am) you'll love the flavor of this lightly sweet, fruity ice cream. The texture is the ultimate in smooth and creamy and definitely hits the "sweet & creamy" nerve. It's also a very healthy ice cream, if an ice cream can be considered healthy. Some of the nutrients in avocados simply can't be found in any other food. And the fact that the fats in avocados are "good" fats is a great excuse to eat this satisfying treat.

So what's Poppy's pork chop got to do with any of this? Nothing, really. But when Derek fed the kitchen scraps to the chickens tonight, our big Australorp hen, Poppy, got a hunk of pork chop. And she wasn't sharin' with nobody.


  1. Wow, Amy! You managed to get those avocados to ripeness perfection! Not a brown spot to be found. That sounds like a very interesting ice cream. I love avocados, so I would probably like it.

    There's an ice cream shop in Columbus called Jeni's Homemade that has been featured on Food Network. She does some weird, but interesting combinations. Someday I'm going to find an adventurous friend to go with me to try some of them. ;)

    The video was cute. I love it when they do that. I had to laugh, because Poppy is what the grandkids call David. He chose it because his Grandma Hinkle always called Grandpa Hinkle Poppy.

  2. Susan, is that an invite to go to an ice cream store??? Sounds like fun for sure. We don't have any over-the-top ice cream stores around here.

  3. Sure, Amy! I hear there's a scoop of Thai Chili and one of Queen City Cayenne waiting just for you and me! Or maybe you would prefer Bourbon Buttered Pecan or Riesling Poached Pear. Come on down!


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