Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning

We received a respite from the rain today. I took advantage of the sunny, warm day to do a bit of cleaning in the coop. Since the night temperatures are above freezing I removed the heated water font and replaced it with the unheated model. I like my birds' water to be very clean.

I cleaned the glass door and the plexiglass window. I think the girls noticed because I saw them gazing out the door as if they were admiring the clean view.

I replaced the nesting material in a few of the nests. The nests that get used the most often get bits of mud and whatnot tracked into them. Replacing the nesting material regularly also prevents lice and other unwanted bugs from setting up housekeeping. Here Rosanna waits for Esther to finish laying her egg so she can get in there and lay hers! It's funny how chickens prefer to use certain nest boxes. I wonder what makes them decide which nest to use.

I have some new egg customers so I really want the coop to be presentable. It doesn't have to be sterile, just clean enough that if someone wants to walk in and look around they won't gasp for air once they get inside.


  1. Just found your blog,and I am loving it!Great recipes,thankyou.Have a happy week :0)

  2. Looks like a good days work!

  3. I love it after I've cleaned out the nest boxes and the hens have to get in them to "check out" what I've done! LOL

  4. granny, thanks for stopping by for a visit. I see you are from Australia. I'm going to read through your blog tonight and have a look around. Nice to meet you!

    Lisa, thanks! I love a clean coop.

    Christy, it sure felt good to get out there in the nice weather and get some cleaning done.

    Paula, oh I agree! It is funny how they have to arrange things "just so". Chooks are so entertaining!

  5. Rosanna is a beautiful hen. I'm so glad we are adding an Australorp to our flock. Jess

  6. Jess, we love our funny Rosanna. She and Lily both lay the most beautiful dark brown eggs. Rosanna occasionally lays a double yolker for us too. I have to say that I really like the Australorps' personalities.

  7. I've got so much work to do in my coop! The two beautiful days we had I spent inside painting the dining room. Putting hay in the coop for the hens to peck on this winter was one of best things I've done. A nice side advantage to it is that is keeps the coop smelling a lot cleaner. I haven't noticed any ammonia smell at all. I've also been using Sweet PDZ to sprinkle under the roosts. I can't wait to get out there for a thorough cleaning though.

    It is hilarious the way they pick one nest box for their favorite. Sometimes I'll go out there and there will be 8 or 10 in the same one! Go figure!

    I like my hens to have really clean water, too. When we went to the Maze farm last fall, I was disgusted by the chicken displays. Their water was awful. I wanted to go in there and clean it up and put in fresh water.

  8. I meant to say 8 or 10 eggs, not hens! ((rolleyes))

  9. My hens do the same thing, they pick one nest and everyone wants to lay in that one. Sometimes they switch the one they like and everyone moves to the new favorite. Friday was the first time ever that all three nests were used by the hens. I feel the same about their water being clean, I had to put it up high with steps because they were throwing the straw and shavings into their water now that I add extra bedding for the winter when I clean out.

  10. Lovely coop! I cant wait to get started on mine...we have been using a makeshift coop out of the dog pen I no longer use,because my chicken came before I was ready for her, but since winter I put her in the barn in a single bird coop! Yours looks great!

  11. Susan, quit loafing around! Get out there and clean that coop! LOL If you ever figure out why the hens choose their favorite nest, fill me in please! And just how do 8-10 hens fit in one nest?!?

    nobody, You're right, they seem to change their minds about which nest is the favorite one of the week. It really makes you wonder how chicken brains work!

    Anna Colleen, thank you!

    Rae, sure wish I was closer. I'd come over and help you out with all your critters. I love reading about them all!


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