Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Duck Tracks

We have 8 ducks and we have a pond with a light dusting of snow on some of the frozen areas. The ducks left these tracks yesterday and each one tells a story.

It looks like four of them were in a hurry--flappy feet slippin' and tails draggin'. The others were more composed and left neat little triangles as they waddled along.

Some days my footprints probably look like the first group. But today I'm waddling along calmly.


  1. Those hurry-up-and-get-in-the-water ones look like ink blots on a Rorschach test. lol I have a weird mind.

  2. What a cute photo! LOL I wish we could have ducks and geese...cant have the ducks they would end up in the big lake you can see in our back yard, but too far for pet ducks, and the geese would end up flying away with the wild canadian geese that also visit the lake...sigh...

  3. Susan, you said it, not me!

    Rae, I had envisioned ducks in this pond for so long. It's such a treat to look out there and see them every day.

  4. What a fun picture of the tracks! And they do look like the Rorschach ink blots :)

    What was that you mentioned about ducks and therapy?!?!?


  5. Lucy, And what do you see when you look at those webbed footie prints? I see clumsy angels.


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