Monday, March 16, 2009

Egg Laying Record!

They finally did it! All of my chooks laid an egg today for a grand total of 14!

Good job girls! You deserve a hug.


  1. Woot-woot! Hooray for the girls! I've come close with 14 out of 15 twice, but I may never get a full count. I think Goldie is egg-bound.

  2. congratulations, you're batting 100% today

  3. i have to say first that I love your header picture! Awesome!
    Cool on the eggs! Makes my lonely one egg a day from my poor lonely hoo...cant wait to get more!

  4. I like the blackboard egg tally. Congrats on the egg!

  5. Fantastic Amy, what all are you going to bake with all those eggs?! And, yes, duck eggs are great for baking, but I always thought a little strong for me for eating for breakfast.BTW, am I remembering correctly that duck eggs take 28 days to hatch compared to 21 for chicks? Or maybe that is geese. Been too long..... I do still have an incubator. Want to sell some duck eggs??

  6. Susan, oh dear! I hope Goldie is OK! Keep me posted.

    Joanna, indeed I am!

    Rach, you need more chooks for sure. Have you decided what breeds you want yet?

    Kim, thank you! I found that old slate in the basement when we moved in. It makes a handy tally board.

    Sunny, I had a duck egg for breakfast this morning and couldn't tell a difference. But I will say that it was very FRESH and satisfying. If you would like some of my ducks eggs let me know. I'd be happy to ship some to you for the cost of shipping them. I wouldn't think of chargin you for the eggs. Times are tight and I believe we should help each other out whenever we can. Just send me an email with your address. And yes, duck eggs take 28 days to hatch. I'm itchin' to get some hatched under a hen! How come they never go broody when you want them to???

  7. Good job hens! What a pretty hen. I like your egg tally on your sidebar.

  8. How wonderful to have fresh eggs every day. I saw on the news that in Vancouver Canada an MP is trying to pass a bill that city dwellers can keep chickens. There's a few that do it currently even though it's illegal. Maybe there'll be hope for me in Ontario!

  9. Jennifer, thank you!

    Barbara, I do hope you'll be able to get chickens soon. I think opinions are changing about them. The fact that our world economy is so bad right now also helps. People want to be able to raise their own food more than ever!

  10. Awwwww, chicken love. You have such pretty girls, too.

    Yay for the egg record!!


  11. It is that time of year isn't it? We are starting to get lots of eggs daily. What a great idea to have an egg count board! Jess


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