Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cruel Joke

My ducks think they're funny. I've been wondering when the hens were going to start laying. It's late winter and it's high time I start seeing some duck eggs.

As I made my coffee this morning I looked out the kitchen window and saw this.

My question is, which one of you is going to go out there and get it for me?

I can feel it staring at me through the window. And the ducks are just laughing at me.


  1. So funny! If you go out there & see them lining up along the shoreline snickering...don't do it!

  2. Shell, my ducks ARE crazy! LOL

    Barb, good point. I wonder how many more they'll lay out there before the ice melts.

  3. That's not crazy, that's just lazy! Your ducks were too lazy to waddle back the heck do ducks lay eggs anyway?

  4. Susan, well I had a box set up for them under the spruces near the pond, but they never got the hint. I've since moved it to the pond's edge next to the dock. Maybe they'll get the idea. We'll try the golf ball trick and see if ducks can be trained. Next thing ya know they'll be out in the yard playing golf!

  5. (LOL) Yes, they are laughing at you, Amy!!


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