Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Furry Friend Stops By

Remember this little guy? Well, he stopped by this morning to nibble on the lawn. I looked out as I made my morning coffee and sure enough, there was a bushy-tailed, bright-eyed little squirrelly-O on the lawn. I grabbed the binoculars to get a closer look. It sure looked like our Rocky with his bright orange belly fur and swishy tail.

The ducks and chickens were out there too and they got close enough to inspect the visitor but even the rooster didn't get too close. Derek went outside and called Rocky's name to see how he would react. Rocky didn't want a hug and he ran as fast as he could back to the woods. Within half an hour he was back in the same spot, searching for food in the lawn.

Do you think we could get lucky enough to raise another baby squirrel this spring? It would be wonderful!


  1. That's precious! It would be fun to raise a baby squirrel.

  2. How exciting for you guys! I wonder if he remembers the human contact or if he just remembers that it's the place where there's free food? I guess time will tell. And maybe he will bring a wife and kiddies with him!

  3. Amy that is great! I saw my squirrel 3 days ago...man is he fat! I was really getting worried about him. You were actually the first blog i bookmarked because of your squirrel.

  4. so that's picture from last year's squirrel? yes, would be fun to rise another.

  5. Christy, it was a lot of fun and we hope to have the chance to do it again.

    Susan, it was very fun to see Rocky. We figured out what he's doing--he's bringing hickory nuts into the yard and sticking them here and there. He's obviously too lazy to dig a hole; he just lays them on the lawn! I've been collecting them and will use them to start new hickory trees on the property.

    Angie, it's nice to know your squirrel is fat and happy! Aren't they fun?

    Joanna, yes that's a picture of Rocky after we'd only had him a day or two. He took to Jim and slept in his shirt pocket most of the time.

  6. OMGosh, I will have to show the kids this picture tomorrow when they wake up! Adorable :)


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