Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thawed Out

It's been very mild this week and all the snow has melted. Areas of the pond have thawed, much to the delight of the ducks. It's nice that they're back in the pond and out of our driveway. It was beginning to look like a duck poo mine field!

The chooks are thrilled to be out in the lawn again! There's not much "green" to eat but they don't care. It's much better than being trapped in the coop by snow. This big Australorp is Lily. She's my biggest girl at just over 6 pounds and she lays the most beautiful dark brown, speckled jumbo eggs. What a good girl!

Sweet Pea clucks with delight as she nibbles on grass and clover leaves. If I crouch down she'll hop up on my shoulder for a minute or two, then hop back down. It's as if she's got to get a close look at me and say hello in her own special way! What a fun chickie she is!

This is our rooster, Coq au Vin Silver. He's been giving me a hard time lately and he better watch his step. He's not too skinny to stew!

Iris is busy in a nest box. See the dried grass in there? That's the stuff I was talking about yesterday. The girls just love it.

A strong storm blew through last night and knocked our power out for 2 hours. Jim had to get a generator from his dad's to keep our basement from flooding. One of our two sump pumps died but he had a back up on hand, so we're OK.


  1. Lucky birds, we still have snow and ice here so my girls are stuck inside.
    Really like the first picture with everyone in or around the pond.

  2. My chickens are so happy to be out and about. They've dug up every inch of leaves in the woods around the backyard and having a ball!

    Did you guys have the gale-force winds, too? It was really bad here. Took out a tree in our front yard next to the road. The only good thing about the wind is it dried out the mud in the backyard, for the most part anyway.

  3. NBUC, winter is no fun for chickens that's for sure. It's nice to see them out in the yard again. I love to watch my living lawn ornaments!

    Susan, we had some strong winds but I've seen stronger. Every time we have high winds I'm reminded of the spruce tree that's leaning precariously next to the barn. It has to come down before it does damage to the barn! Your chooks sounds just as happy as mine.

  4. Winds up to 55 mph here today - crazy. The chickens certainly look happy and awesome with all the snow gone! Terrific thinking with the ornamental grasses!

  5. Beautiful pictures, Amy. I love the one of your ducks and pond.... so peaceful looking!

  6. Oh I want that pond! SweetPea is my kinda gal.

  7. Amy, glad to hear you are getting some nice weather too. It has been great here that last few days and I have worked myself to death seems like it. Always lots to do this time of year when you get a break in the weather. Chooks look happy too. Great pictures.


  8. Life on the farm ain't time to lay back, there's nothing that a country girl, she can't hack! Early to rise and early in the sack, Thank God you're county girl! (Me too!)

    Amy, I hope you dried out as well as thawed out!


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