Saturday, July 5, 2008

They're Nuts!

Rocky came home this morning and we noticed he'd lost some of his fat reserves. I insisted that he stay for a day and eat well before going back out into the wild. Here, Jim and Rocky share a bag of shelled pecans. Those will fatten him up! As far as we know, Rocky's never had pecans before. He absolutely pigged out and must have eaten a small handful of them.

Go ahead, play it again. You know you want to.

Speaking of eating, I made this sign for Jim's business. I thought up the idea at work while trying to keep my mind occupied.

Chickens will eat anything.

I slept late this morning, as I am wont to do on my days off. I woke up briefly, but decided to stay in bed. Derek informed me as I dozed off the second time that Violet and Silver had flown the pen. I made a mental note of it as I drifted back into dreamland. Derek put the birds back in their pen, where they stayed. When I awoke I got my sharpest pair of Fiskars and asked Derek to help me capture Violet and Silver, whom we should have named 'Greased Lightning'. I trimmed the secondary flight feathers of each bird's left wing then let them all out to free range. You can't even tell that Silver's wing was clipped, which Derek was concerned about.

When it comes to chickens, some are much better flyers than others. Those that can fly well can often escape their pens and get into trouble. Clipping the secondary flight feathers of just one wing will help curb this behavior. Some birds still manage to fly if both wings are clipped, which is why I only clipped one.


  1. The question is--who had more pecans, Jim or Rocky? It looked pretty even Steven to me! lol

  2. Cute video, my kids enjoyed watching too. They are Rocky fans now and you know it they want a pet squirrel.
    We have had to clip our chickens feathers too. Love the sign!!!!

  3. Susan, that's a good question! I think Rocky might have gotten more!

    Kim, you never know what baby animals might wander into your life in the spring. Maybe your family will help raise an orphan squirrel some day!

  4. That's a very funny sign. The chickens around here eat our legs, fingers, and ears. :)


  5. Cute video! I love your little friend there!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on yesterdays post. Don't feel bad if you do not want to pass it along, it is a little time consuming. Have a nice week Amy! ~Kim

  7. What fun you're having with Rocky. I have watched my chickens fly all over their pen. One of these days one of them is going over the wall. I wonder what they will do if they succeed? I'll have to ask you how to clip flight feathers!

  8. J & J, thanks for stopping by!

    Kim, thanks for the award! I am flattered!

    Don, here's a quick how-to for clipping a bird's wings: I don't clip the primaries on Silver because it would make him look bad. Those are ornamental feathers on the tips of his wings. I only clips the secondary (shorter, in the center of the wing) flight feathers which aren't visible when the wings are folded. It's not hard to do but it does require a helper to hold the bird.

  9. Maybe when I give some hair cuts this week, I'll clip some secondary flight feathers. Thanks for the web site. I'm gonna go look.

  10. I wandered over to congratulate you on your award over at Kim's -- and could not stop laughing. Indeed, chickens will eat anything!

    Ours discovered lasagna this past summer. I make a huge tray of it for my husband whenever I go to leave town. I was off visiting relatives when he was eating his lasagna on the front porch. Up popped Menina, a little bantam hen, looking for scraps. She perched on the chair and whenever my husband picked up his drink (and took his eyes off of his plate) she leaned over and gobbled up some lasagna. He called me cracking up. She LOVES italian food! Whenever I'm cooking it, she'll tap on the doors and windows as if to say, "I'll have some of that, thank you."



  11. Love the video, Amy! Rocky eats pecans like I do! (very fast!)
    I especially love the sign- that should work!

  12. Rocky and Derek: Two pecan eating pals. I loved the video! What a terrific friend you've found in Rocky. :)


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