Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Esther Has A Crush...

...on the cookie jar. *sigh*

Ain't love grand?


  1. Ester, he appears strong and good looking honey.

  2. Awwww....a good man is hard to find!

  3. "Why, Esther, why don't you come on in? I've saved a little spot for you on my rug. I've got a little chardonnay chillin' in the cooler....whaddya say, baby?"

  4. Seeing my name pop up, I had to come over and have a look at Prince Charming. To my namesake I can only say: good choice! He looks grand and very manageable!

  5. Who could resist a handsome man who provides cookies? Not me!

  6. Now give that poor girl a cookie to cheer her up. lol!

    That rug and cookie jar are so beautiful.
    And so is your pretty hen, too.


    ps. Thanks for stopping by to cheer me up. Your cookie jar roo made me smile. I'm glad I stopped by here, too.

  7. This chicken love story is just too funny! I see we have even more in common: we both picked the same background for our blogs, LOL!
    Are you of Irish background too or do you just love the color green? I knew the first time I read your blog that I had found a kindred spirit!


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