Friday, February 20, 2009

Betty's Day Off

As the official mascot for Twelve Acres, Betty is one busy biddy. Not only does she have her spokeschick responsibilities, she's also a working girl and dutifully lays 5 eggs a week.

I gave Betty the day off today and treated her to a day of fun. First we went shopping. She checked out the Bargain Bin but didn't see anything she really wanted. She was hoping to find a pair of pumps on sale.

Then we went to the arcade. Betty had a lot of fun shooting the terrorists in "Operation Thunderbolt". She's very good at shooting the bad guys! She was showing off her high score of 159,483. No one wanted to challenge her so we left the arcade and headed home. She spent the afternoon browsing in the yard with the sun shining on her back. Her after dinner treat was a pea pod from the stir fry we had for dinner.

She went to bed a happy chook!


  1. I'm glad to see that Betty can let her feathers down, relax and have a good time.

  2. Betty has a cute body, is she a Cuckoo Marans? Betty likes to shoot guns? I'm proud of Betty though for being frugal.

  3. Lanny, Betty knows when it's time for fun!

    Joanna, Betty is one of two Barred Plymouth Rocks in my flock. She "chose" me when she was a baby and has been my little buddy ever since. When she wants attention she'll run over and peck me as hard as she can! We weighed her on our digital UPS scale and she weighs 5.8 lb.

  4. Well, it's about time you took Betty out on the town! She's overworked and underpaid! I'm thinkin' once a week wouldn't be too often for a hard worker like her. Betty, you're my kind of chick!

  5. Grammy, Betty is even cuter in person! There's a lot of personality packed into that 5 lb bird!

    Susan, now don't go givin' her any ideas! Pretty soon she'll be demanding a raise!

  6. I'm glad Betty finally got a day off! She's earned it.


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