Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Autumn Day

Autumn arrived with a vengeance today. It's cool, brisk and downright chilly out there with a strong wind blowing from the northwest. I can so relate to the lady who writes "It Blows Here".

This blustery day gave me the opportunity to check the coop for drafty areas and get it ready for winter. I spent an hour or so sealing drafty spots and covering the vents. I left only one vent open and it faces south. It was difficult to work without feeling like I was interrupting the chooks' egg laying. I tried to work quickly and get out of their way.

Out of 14 pullets only two are not yet laying at 6 months of age. Ollie and Poppy (Orp and Australorp) are refusing to participate. I had a talk with Poppy yesterday and she said she'd get started soon. Ollie is another story. Ollie only does things on her terms. She told me to stuff it. Even though she's stubborn, Ollie is a pleasure to hold. She is tightly feathered, like a duck, and feels like a big poofy pillow.

Betty bit my lower lip last night. She's a mean little wench, that ornery little Barred Rock! Yes, I am the one who requires supervision when in close proximity to the chooks. You'd think I'd have learned by now. Surely I should know better than to get my "sure-looks-like-a-fat-and-juicy-worm" lower lip within reach of Betty, but NOOOOOOO! Anyway, I've still got a sore and somewhat split lower lip tonight. That girl's got the fastest beak in the midwest I tell ya!

In a nut shell, it blows here and Betty bites!

Tomorrow the 8th grade football team takes on our longtime rivals. Derek is psyched and said he's going to give their linemen a run for the money! It's going to be fun but cold. I'll take along a blanket and a warm jacket. Dontcha just love football weather?


  1. Ouch! And yes, it got cold suddenly! It will be interesting to watch yours and Don's as winter sets in!

    We had 10 eggs day before yesterday, a new record. Yesterday only 5. I don't know exactly how many are laying, maybe Don does.

  2. Wow, really? She bit your lower lip? And we get no picture? lol
    Ah, Sarah (It Blows Here) - I *love* her blog - I'm so glad you've found it. I am either touched, learn something, or come away laughing hysterically when I read her posts. Sometimes all three!
    We battoned down for some fierce rain last night, but as of right now, it hasn't hit yet. I'm not looking forward to the cold that will eventually hit, but I wasn't planning on sealing up my coop. Just how cold does it get there where you are?

  3. Sweet picture! It's cold here,too! Had to put an extra blanket on the bed last night. I'm STILL only getting 4 eggs a day! I don't know why they're being so stubborn. As of Saturday, they will be 24 weeks, and they're all squatting. I'm getting really frustrated with them.

    Thank goodness David did a good job of insulating my "coop inside the barn", so all that remains to be done is cut the ventilation holes. He's been so busy.

  4. Hi there! I just discovered your blog and I absolutly love it! I was born in Painsville and lived in Mentor my first two years, and visited every summer at my grandparents, summers were spent on the banks of the Erie! Cant wait to talk and see what farm life is like in your neck of the words, I have nominated you for an award, even though we havent spoken yet, I just love your blog! You can go to my blog to pick it up!

  5. Amy, Ouch! Will the hens lay through the winter or will your egg supply dry up?

  6. Ruth, this time of year seems to make the girls slow down a bit on the egg laying. Last week I was getting 10 a day; this week about 6 or 7. I hope they don't slow down too much--it's baking season!

    Danni, I'm sorry I didn't provide a photo of Betty biting my lip! I'll be sure to have my camera ready next time (yes, there will be a next time because I STILL haven't learnt my lesson!) The winter cold isn't so bad here in NW Ohio. It's the seemingly non-stop wind that accompanies the cold! I swear it did nothing but BLOW all of January.

    Susan, hang in there. The shorter days might be having an effect on your girls right now. I think mine have been reacting to them too. I think this is a tough time of year for them. Technically, they should be moulting right now but since our birds are juveniles still they probably won't moult until they get older. And there's nothing like snuggling down under a quilt this time of year!

    Kathie, I'm expecting my 6 Australorps to stop laying altogether this winter, but my Plymouth Rocks and Orpingtons should continue, although at a reduced rate. But my birds haven't abided by the "norms" from the start, so who knows what will happen!

  7. I couldn't help but laugh at this, Amy... when Chickens see something red, they go for it!! I had a sore on my leg where I had gotten into some barbed wire, and I'll be doggone if one of my little silkie roosters didn't peck me OVER AND OVER on that very spot, the little booger!


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