Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jumbo Egg Surprise

If you have chickens, you're bound to get a jumbo egg sooner or later. When I gathered the morning's eggs I found this gargantuan orb beneath our Australorp pullet, Rosanna. I was so stunned I actually exclaimed, "Wow! Rosanna!" I didn't know she had it in her! I can't wait to show it to the boys. They won't believe their eyes. I'm sure it's a double yolker but won't know until I crack it tomorrow morning. I'm planning to get up at 5 a.m. (*gasp, wheeze*) like I did last week to make breakfast for everyone.

I tried to weigh this egg on our digital UPS scale but it was too light to register. I had to use my kitchen scale and near as I can figure this egg weighs around 2.6 ounces. The USDA says that a large egg weighs 2 oz, an extra large weighs 2.25 oz, and a jumbo egg weighs 2.5 oz. It's so big I can't keep it in the egg carton with the other eggs because I can't close the lid!

Rosanna is a sweet girl and a bit of an airhead. She's Derek's pullet and she was the first one to be named because she was the first chick in the brooder box to run out to greet us. Here she is as a baby.

And here she is today with the flock (far right black bird) grazing in the grass. Don't the neighbor's woods make a lovely background?

I got another surprise today. I noticed a hint of pink amongst the cattails on the opposite side of the pond. Earlier in the spring I received a free packet of cosmos seeds that I sprinkled along the edge of the pond. I was hoping for a wildflower patch there. And wouldn't you know it? A few of those cosmos grew to maturity. How pretty!


  1. What gorgeous picturs! You are quite the photographer! So whats the best hardy egg layers? I have one little bantam hen that believe it or not, I found in the parking lot of my sons school, pretty country huh?, anyway we caught her and took her home, I really want to add several more in the spring, but not such a small breed, what do you suggest!

  2. Rachel, Ah, the subject of chicken breeds can waste the better part of a day! I found this chart to be VERY helpful in choosing which breeds I wanted:

    I chose my birds based on winter hardiness, temperament and egg production. Looks weren't important to me. I wanted friendly, safe-to-be-around, egg laying machines. I've got Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, Barred and Buff Plymouth Rocks and one Hamburg rooster. Next spring I plant to order 4 more pullets: 2 Speckled Sussex, 1 Delaware, and 1 more Barred Plymouth Rock. What can I say? I've got a think for Plymouth Rocks!

  3. Wow, Don will be so jealous!!! JUMBO! And you can't close the lid!! That's hilarious. He asked me to check your blog this morning for your egg total. This is quite the competition. :)

    The photos really are great. We have cosmos too, out where Don also scattered seed. Last hurrah of summer.

  4. Ruth, Oh dear! Don and I are competing??? OK, well I've got to get out there and have a talk with the girls. No way are we gonna let Floozie and that Minorca gal beat us!!!

  5. Very cool egg. It's funny that it is so big you can't close the lid! I got a kinda big egg from one of mine, but not that big. I did get a super small blue egg, though.

  6. I get such a thrill out of finding "monster" eggs in the nest boxes...though I do feel bad for the hen that had to lay it.

    It's funny how excited you can get over a double yolker, but the thrill never diminishes!

    My sig. other swears by Barred Rocks. I decided to try Barnvelders and Welsummers this last Spring and he insisted I get a couple more Barred Rocks. :)

  7. Nancy, It is a cool egg! We are all amazed and astounded. I wonder if Rosanna needs an aspirin???

    Wrensong, Just getting large eggs is still a thrill. I am amazed how each day when I go out to the chicken coop, eggs appear in the nest boxes without any effort! Barred Rocks are great. I think I could have ordered nothing but BRs and been thrilled!

  8. What an awesome egg! WOW!! The Cosmos are beautiful. Those are some of my favorite flowers.

  9. Wow! That is a whopper. I think Rosanna may need some Preparation H after that.

    I just found a secret nest that several of my hens are visiting, so I have to do some construction to keep them out of the main part of the barn. Sneakky girls! If they wanted to set on them, that would be ok, but to lay and leave? Hmmmm. Child deserters...

    Competition!? For per capita egg production, your flock is kicking my flock's a__! I have 27 hens, and should be getting double the eggs I am getting. Either they are hiding them really well, or I have some shy girls who aren't ready to be layers.

  10. Mandie, I love cosmos too. Their lacy foliage is so pretty.

    Don, Ah, your comment gave me a few chuckles, thanks! I hope my girls don't try to lay in a secret place. The coop is too open to have any hiding areas in it, but there are a lot of trees around here that they could get under and lay a pile of eggs. It's likely I'd never find them!

    We're up to 9 so far today and the day's not over yet!

  11. Love the photo of the egss in the basket and the cosmos near the pond! Your neighbor's woods make a perfect background and lend such a harvesty autumn feel to the whole post!


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