Friday, October 10, 2008

Harvest Moon & Bonfire

It's that time of year again. Time to burn the brush pile in the windbreak. This year's pile was the remaining branches and twigs from the huge black willow that was blown down by a strong storm in June. The fire was huge and was so hot that I had to back up about 20 feet! I was planning to sit out by the fire and enjoy a cup of coffee but it burned out too quickly so I headed back home.

My cousin was harvesting his bean field on the other side of the road. I enjoy the sight of combines in the field this time of year.

When I got back to the house I turned to look up at the moon and saw this picture. I love those huge Austrian Pines in the front yard. They look so sturdy, so beautiful.

Tomorrow is the Oak Harbor Apple Festival in town. We go every year to enjoy the food and the parade. A friend of my mom's lives along the parade route and she invites everyone in to enjoy the huge spread she cooks up each year. Then we all sit in her lawn and watch the parade at noon.


  1. Ahh, tis the season. Love you photos. I kinda miss those big combines lumbering across the fields. There aren't any row crops around here.


  2. Bonfires....I love them this time of year. Too bad yours didn't last long enough for you to truly enjoy it! Looking forward to hearing about the Apple Festival! Have fun!

  3. I love a good bonfire! We're going to have one tonight to burn the brush that we cleaned up after Hurricane Ike blew through. Got a bag of marshmallows just waiting. Well, ours is more along the campfire line than a bonfire! Campfires are the best thing about camping!

    The pictures are beautiful and I can't wait to here about the Apple Fest. I'm coming next year!

  4. Great pictures, have fun over the weekend!

  5. This is a comforting time of year, connected to childhood memories of bonfires, playing in the leaves, going to apple orchards. Your photos are wonderful, that fire! Such detail there. I do love pine trees, and that moon is cool! It's been so bright these last couple of nights.

  6. Do you ever have a hankering to get on one of your cousin's machines and just drive it around?

    Beautiful images of your life down south! I need to get a bonfire cranked up...

  7. Thanks all for the compliments. I haven't been able to get out with my camera much but I will this week because the leaves are turning.

    To answer Don's question...NO I never get the urge to drive the farm machinery around. I'm TERRIFIED of heavy machinery (which is really stupid because I work in a conveyor belt factory and run mills, of all things!) I won't even drive a forklift at work. Dumb, I know.

    Jim and I took a walk down to the pumpkin patch last night under the moonlit sky. It was beautiful!

  8. The parade sounds like fun. I love this time of year. I love to garden but look forward to cleaning out the garden. It gets so over grown by now. Do you feed your chickens what ever you pull out of the garden? I was wondering about that, hmmm.

  9. I loved coming here - you definitely have set the fall / harvest mood! Your header is beautiful and that was a nice bonfire!


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