Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moulting Ducks

Rosanna's jumbo egg turned out to be a double yolker just as I thought it would. I scrambled it along with 10 others, some salt and pepper and a dash of curry (thanks for the suggestion Ruth!) I served the eggs with some bacon and toast and sent the guys off with fully bellies this morning. Then I went back to bed and crashed till 10.

We got some good rain last night as a cold front moved through. The temperature is much cooler today and once again I have to wear a jacket when I go outside. Bummer.

I was sitting in the office typing up yesterday's blog entry when the ducks began taking their mid-day bath. They are moulting right now and they get pretty vigorous with their splashing. I think it's an attempt to knock off the baby feathers. I think it must make a bird itchy to moult. Lots of diving and splashing going on here!

They flap their wings against the water just the way the chickens flap their wings against the dirt when they dust bathe. Here you can see some more diving action too.


  1. You have a great blog. I like all the posts about chickens. I have to ask you what your favorite breed of brown egg laying chicken is? I will be getting chickens next year for the first time and am doing research now on the breeds. Keep up the good blogging.

  2. Shadow mountain, thank you for your nice compliments! I could write about my birds all day.

    Hmmmm, my favorite breed of brown egg layer? I'd have to say that for reliability nothing beats an Orpington. They were the first to lay (21 weeks), followed by the Barred/Buff Plymouth Rocks which are also very consistent and rarely take a day off. Last to lay were the Australorps which surprised me because I thought they'd be the first. However, they lay large eggs from the start and some of them are turning out to be real whoppers! Their eggs are also very pretty; some are dark, others light and some have speckles.

    Next spring I'm going to order some Speckled Sussex, a breed which is a reliable, consistent layer. I also want one more Barred Rock and I want to try a Delaware, another breed known for being egg laying machines! For fun I might try a Welsummer which isn't a great layer compared to the others, but their very dark eggs are pretty.

    With the economy the way it is, I want hens that will pull their weight around here. Since I free range, they're really good about finding most of their own food which results in really tasty eggs. Honestly, I spend more feeding the ducks than the chickens!

  3. Ducks and kids seem to really know how to have a good time while bathing. :)

  4. I love watching the ducks playing in the pond. They add something special to the homestead, don't they? What will you do with them over the winter? Our two made their pictures into this months Hobby Farm magazine...I was so excited! You should send some our your great bird photos off.

  5. Kim, the ducks do add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the homestead! I love looking out the window and seeing them swimming around. They will spend the winter out where they are now. There is a crate for them to seek shelter under the spruces and I'll feed them and keep the ice cracked if needed so they can get water.

  6. I love the videos of the ducks playing around. Makes me wish I had some.


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