Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eye Protection

Anyone who's ever had chickens will attest to the fact that they won't hesitate to peck your eyes if given half a chance. I'm dumb enough to have been pecked in the eyeball three four times. It's a good thing I have a responsible adult looking out for me or someone would find me on my back, twitching in the chicken run.

But I digress...

Mom and her roomie came over for dinner tonight and she stopped at the chicken coop first thing. She wanted to have a chat with her buddy Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea quickly hopped up Mom's arm and ended up on her shoulder. What chicken could resist such tempting eye wear? Just look at all those glittery do-dads!

Mom's sunglasses protected her eyes from the inquisitive Miss Sweet Pea's sharp beak, but they did not protect her lower lip. Yes, Sweet Pea bit Mom's lip!

"Here Sweetie, let me adjust them for you!"


  1. What great photos! I love that Sweet Pea! :)

  2. My chickens have not attempted that yet, but I'm gonna wear full SWAT attire just in case from now on. The image of you twitching in the chicken run cracked me up pretty good. :)

    Your photos are terrific!


  3. Thank you Ron. Full SWAT gear might not be a bad idea. You just never know with chickens...

  4. I love it! Sweet Pea just wants her some BLING!

  5. LOL Good one Paula! You're probably right!


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