Saturday, October 18, 2008

Captive Audience

Derek brought the bass clarinet home from school Friday. He's going to play it in the school band and since he already plays the clarinet it is easy for him. He practiced his scales in front of a captive audience. They stop quacking and float and listen to the sounds. I think they like it!


  1. How wonderful. That ducks like it. I love the pic of the pumpkin cheese bread, It make me hungry just looking at it. I will now have to look and see if you have the recipe tucked away here. Have a great weekend,

  2. How cute is Derek? I think that picture should find its way into his yearbook! The band teacher would love to see this.

    Are your ducks laying any eggs?

  3. "Don't hit a bad note, Derek, the ducks will attack!!!" :) That's a great photo.

    And that was one enormous egg you got! Wow!


  4. The ducks are thinking, "So THAT'S what we're supposed to sound like!" Very cute! I'm with Don. That would be a great yearbook pic!

  5. Grammy, I can send you the recipe for the pumpkin cheese bread if you like. Let me know where to email it.

    Don, good idea! I will have to ask for the band teacher's email address. I'm sure he'd love to see it! Last year Derek brought home the oboe. It's a wily instrument though, and Derek prefers the bass clarinet.

    Ron, that big egg was amazing! I'm sure there will be more.

    Kathie, they quiet down and listen to it so it makes me think they're enthralled by the sound!

    Susan, Derek made the big clarinet squawk like a goose and the ducks were very interested in the sounds! It was cute to watch him and the ducks interact.

  6. Well this is a first for me, seeing someone playing for the ducks. Brilliant!

  7. That's wonderful... it almost looks like they're jealous of Derek because his honking is so much prettier than theirs!! LOL

  8. Is that one bird holding his ears? Just kidding....

  9. I never realized that ducks have a true appreciation of music (obviously not ALWAYS the comedians!). You can definitely see they are under Derek's spell!

  10. That is a great picture. My kids are already talking about playing in their school band when they get older. I wished I'd learned to play an instrument when I was a kid. Never to late, right? For Christmas I am getting Luke a guitar along with lessons, his only wish. I thought about learning right a long side of him. It's a thought!

  11. Our most musical animal is by far our nine year old Azawakh dog who loves to howl... I'm sure he'd be thrilled if I joined him with an instrument, but unfortunately, I can't play! :-(

    Enjoyed your blog and am slightly jealous you have such wonderful egg production (we recently had the bird flue here in Niger, so chickens aren't that "safe" yet...)

    Greetings from West Africa,

    I would love the recipe thanks. Grammy


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