Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Chicken Pot Pie

Now that I've learned how to make a good pie crust, I decided to put my culinary skills to the test and see if I could make a good chicken pot pie. I got the pie crust recipe from Children In The Corn.

My goal was to find a chicken pot pie recipe that used fresh ingredients. I didn't want any condensed soup in it. Not that I have anything against condensed soup but I wanted this pie to be completely from scratch. This recipe fit my requirements.

This was a two day recipe for me. I wanted to have the chicken cooked and ready to go before I put the pie together the next day. I stewed one of my former roosters in the crock pot last night until the meat fell off the bones. After cutting it up I put it in a container in the fridge to save until I was ready to use it in the pot pie today.

When I got started in the kitchen at 11 today I made the crust first then wrapped it in plastic wrap and chilled it in the fridge while I cut up the vegetables. If I had it to do over again I would have either left the salt out of the recipe or used unsalted butter. With a savory dish like chicken pot pie a slightly salty crust is OK, but I wouldn't want to use it with something sweet without eliminating some of the salt.

One of the side dishes was acorn squash puree. I prepared the acorn squash and put it in the crock pot (my crock pot is getting a lot of use lately) with two apples and some crushed pineapple and spices. The squash was ready to puree at 4 and I used my new immersion blender to do the job. I spooned it into some small custard cups and froze what remained for another day. I had pulled a container of my homemade applesauce out of the freezer last night for another side dish. It was thawed and ready to serve.

Without a doubt this was the best chicken pot pie I've ever had. The chicken was tender and flavorful, the blend of vegetables was perfect and the broth from the stewed chicken made it all come together in a wonderfully tasty way. Now that I've had homemade pot pie I'll never be the same.

Cooking from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. It's worth it to have wholesome, nutritious food at a lower cost though. Prepared foods are handy, but for the best flavor nothing beats homemade!


  1. OK, OK !!! Someone needs to invent a scratch and sniff computer screen. Everything looks so good and how do you find the time to make your family such wonderful meals? I am sure that they appreciate your efforts very much.

  2. Jacobs Farm, LOL I don't cook like this all the time. I work a full time job with a strange schedule that gives me have every other week off. So I have more time to cook during the week than most people. My family thanked me for my efforts. I love eating like this!

  3. Amy, my mouth is watering just looking ath that pot pie. I bet it's even better than is looks. email me a sniff if you will. haha!! Looks great, a job well done. What time is dinner????????????


  4. Mare, it was VERY good!

    Chris, I have some leftover. If you make it here quickl enough there should be some left for ya. Dinner is served promptly at 5 'round here.

  5. That sounds so good right now I can hardly stand it. Must have been incredible to smell too. And don't you just love leftovers. I will come back for this recipe soon.

    And you are so cute with that blender! We have to get us one.

  6. That all looks and I bet, tastes wonderful. Chicken pot pie is such a comfort food...great to have on those chilly days.

  7. Yum! Can I come over for dinner? I'm with you on the homemade thing, Amy! Good job!

  8. Wow! Martha Stewart ain't got nothin' on you, girl!


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