Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paddling Like Hell

Did I mention I'm on vacation? I must have failed to mention that to everyone who knows me because it seems that I'm doing more work now than I was a week ago when I was not on vacation! Today I actually allowed myself the luxury of sitting in a lawn chair and doing nothing for about half an hour. I had just finished making the spaghetti sauce for dinner and putting the ducklings in the yard along with a myriad of other little household chores. I plopped down in the chair and watched the ducklings nap in the grass. Soon I started feeling sleepy myself so I headed for the couch. The boys were out playing so I figured I'd be able to drift off for a short nap. Then just as I'm half-zonked I hear the door open and in comes Derek with Sweet Pea. He brought her in to visit without realizing that I was trying to sleep. He apologized for waking me and went back out to play. I lingered in the median between consciousness and slumber. Then the sound of Jim pulling up the driveway woke me again. A nap was just not in the works for today! I got up and started making the garlic bread for supper.

After supper Jim wanted to take the ducklings out in the pond for an introduction to their future home. They were a bit alarmed at the new situation and when we placed them in the water they immediately headed for shore! Then they discovered that they could stick their heads under water and nibble at the wonderful mud! A few discovered the algae and began to eat it voraciously! That made me happy. One of the reasons I wanted to get ducks for the pond was to keep the algae under control. They are a good non-chemical method for aquatic weed control.

After the ducklings got their fill of the pond and algae I put them in their cage under the light to dry off and warm up. Jim and I tackled the pile of papers that needed to be filed in the shop. We made a nice filing system and got everything organized which is a huge relief to me.

And now I am at my desk with my feet up...finally!

Ducks cannot tolerate being separated from their family unit. They form very tight bonds. Jim took one of the ducklings away from the group to try to pursuade the rest of them to follow but it didn't work!


  1. Oh my goodness, they are growing so fast! I always thought that ducks couldn't swim as young as yours have without the mother, because their oil glands hadn't developed at that age. Obviously, I was misinformed! They look so cute in the pond! I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation relaxing (sorta, kinda). Sometimes traveling causes so much stress, that it's better just to stay home.

  2. Sorry you're having an "anti-vacation"... hope you get some rest, Amy!
    Love the videos!


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