Friday, August 8, 2008

Just Duckie

It's a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the 70s today. I've put the ducklings out on the front lawn to enjoy the sunshine and their own private swimming pool. They love being out in the grass with a natural heat lamp shining on them! Someday we'll think back to when they were small enough to fit in a bowl!
I have to work this weekend and then I'm off on a week's vacation. I'm going to relax and do the things I want to do. The weather is going to stay nice so I won't have to deal with the hot, humid conditions we've had up until today.

The boys have spent the past 2 nights sleeping in a tent in the yard. They are having fun and we're glad they can stay outside at night without us having to worry if anyone is messing with them.

I got some photos of the baby swallows yesterday. The nest is in the security light at the east end of the house. I can hear them from the office too. Mom and dad are very busy feeding them and they look to be just about ready to fledge. We welcome swallows here because they are such efficient insect eaters. They love the pond. They swoop down just over the surface to get a drink.


  1. Those swallows are so cool. I love watching them swoop around.

    We've been granted a reprieve from the hot and humid too! Much nicer!

    Thanks for the info on taming George, BTW, very interesting. I'm watching his moves through different eyes now. :)


  2. We a good amount of swallows around here, they are cute little buggers!

  3. Hey, no fair! Get those duckies a bigger swimmin' hole!

    Are those barn swallows? I love watching them skimming over the ground in their search for juicy flying insects.


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