Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bath Time

Susan asked that I stop torturing her with the cute duck photos and Kathie downright can't handle the cute. But I gotta show you what they do in the sink! They just love bath time! I fill the sink halfway with warm water and let them go to town. They do this cute dive thing that makes a big splash. When they start acting tired or too cold, I take them out and put them under their heat lamp where they promptly pass out from all the exercise. They've taken to it like a, to um...water. Yeah.

Mom came over this afternoon to give me a haircut and we had dinner with her afterward. She brought some good sweet corn and we enjoyed some tomatoes and cucumbers from my mother-in-law's garden. She also gave me a head of cabbage which mom turned into cole slaw. Add burgers from the grill for the main dish and you have a lovely summer meal! The chooks enjoyed a treat of peels and stems from all the fresh veggies.

After dinner I put the ducklings out on the front lawn inside the wire section of their cage to let them play in the grass while I replaced their soiled bedding with fresh. They loved the grass and tried to pull some of it to nibble. They aren't strong enough to pick the grass yet but they sure had fun trying. They also pulled hard on a dandelion head but their efforts weren't enough to break it off the stem. Mom and I had fun watching their antics. I'll give them more yard time tomorrow.

I've noticed that ducks are much nicer to each other than chickens are. They aren't so interested in a pecking order and they do everything together. Also, I have yet to see a mean looking duck but I've seen some pretty mean looking poultry!

Speaking of poultry...while I have been spending time with the ducklings I haven't forgotten about my chooks. I have been working with Sweet Pea, one of my two Barred Rock girls. She has been shy lately and I've been hand feeding her on her roost in the evenings to try to win her over again. It seems to be working and she has been coming up to me in the yard looking for food. I've also been holding Roo for about 10 minutes each evening to establish respect from him. He's been a good rooster so far with no signs of aggression toward people. He gets a bit uppity with the other chooks at times, and I like hold him when he gets pushy in the pen. It seems to be working and he gives me a wide berth when I'm around, unless I've got treats. Derek and I keep the roosters pushed away from the treat bowl until the girls have eaten, then the roos are allowed to have some too. He who controls the food controls the flock! This is something we should have done from day one but we are making up for it now.


  1. Awwwweee! They are sooo cute!

  2. Oh man... those ducks are cute! You have such awesome photography, Amy.

    We haven't done much in the way of taming George, the only rooster, but being a Buff Orpington, he's been pretty good so far. Might have to try some of your tricks though, if he does get crazy. :)


  3. Ohhh....the video with the sweet little chirping...and that close-up picture...ducklings are, without a doubt, the cutest things ever. :-)
    You can post as many pics as you want...I'll always love them.

  4. Liv, they are the cutest babies I've ever seen!

    Ron, when George puts distance between you and him, then he's on his way to becoming a mature rooster. At that point you will find out what kind of rooster he will be. I've heard Buff Orps can go either way, really sweet or little fire-breathing beasts that will rip your liver out. Now is the time to show him that you are dominant. Do what roosters do to each other: chase him around, stomp your feet at him while growling a velociraptor growl. Pick him up and walk around with him while doing chores for about 10 minutes then let him loose on your own terms, not because he's raising a ruckus and throwing a fit. Put him down when he's perfectly calm. People think the rooster dance is to attract a hen to mate. I know a thing or two about body language and it couldn't be further from a mating dance. It's a show of size and strength, i.e., dominance. They do it to get the girls to move where they want, usually toward the flock if she wandered off on her own. My Hamburg does just that. Any rooster that dances at me will quickly find himself being chased by me or worse, picked up. If George ever walks at you sideways and lifts his outer wing while side-stepping toward you, don't take it that he's flirting with you. Take it as a challenge for the role of dominant bird in the flock. Check here for more advice:

    Danni, I will post some more, you can bet on it! They are so sweet and fluffy. In the dictionary under "cute" it says "see ducklings"!

  5. Dang it! What are you trying to do, Amy? Talk us unto getting ducklings? Not fair, not fair, not fair. I don't have a pond!

    You are going to have to give me some pointers on how you get such awesome close-ups. The lighting is fantastic. Seriously, you should think about publishing or selling some of your photos. Very professional.

  6. Susan, LOL Ain't I a stinker? My camera does all the work and I edit my photos after to get the best light and such. I thank you for your compliments again!

  7. They make for some great pictures. You boys must be enjoying the latest addition to twelve acres. I have noticed that my ducks are much nicer to one another too. ~Kim


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