Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ducklings Arrive!

The post office called at 6:15 a.m. to let me know I had critters peeping and waiting for me. I dressed quickly and Jim drove. The lady who handed me the box wanted a peek when I told her there were ducks in it. She squealed with delight as we both peeked into the box. I thanked her and headed for the truck. Then Jim wanted a peek too and I told him he couldn't handle the cute! We both squealed when I removed the lid to get a good look at them. Ten little ducklings peeping away, ready for their first meal and a good drink after their trip from Iowa.

The boys were still asleep when we got home. I set the ducklings in their cage and showed them the food and water. They were a little slow in finding things but eventually they figured it out. They sure do love their water!

Don't they have the neatest little feet? I just love the way they feel when they're standing on my hand. Here's a little black Cayuga foot. Aaaah, how cute!

After a while I took one of the little peepers into Derek's room and sat it on his pillow to wake him up. It was peeping very loudly which woke him up right away. Then it climbed over his pillow! Derek was smitten.

I'd only had a few hours of sleep so I headed back to bed to finish sleeping. Derek woke me at noon to say that one of the Cayugas didn't make it. It was sad but I explained that not all hatchlings make it. He took it pretty good. I suggested we let the duckies have a little bit of a swim in the sink and that took his mind off losing one. I didn't let them stay in the water long because they're so little. They loved it though and they had great fun splashing, diving and swimming around!

The Buffs seem to be the least timid while the Cayugas aren't real crazy about us. The Blue Swedish are a bit shy too. I'm sure they will get plenty of socializing with us.


  1. Amy, I can't handle the cute! I've never heard of most of these species of ducks. It will be interesting to see what they look like once they are fledged! That black foot is very black and shiney. Are those patent leather duck feet? (grin!)

  2. Ducklings! Cute! Can't stand it! Stop torturing me! lol Those pictures are so beautiful. You should submit one to Backyard Poultry. Better yet, frame one and enter it in a photography contest. You know, along with the bazillion other great photos you've taken!

  3. OMG, they are sweet. John has been talking about getting more ducks, some duck that lays eggs that are really tasty. We will see!

  4. Kathie, I'm new to ducks so this is going to be interesting for me too. Now all they need are little spats to go with their patent leather feet!

    Susan, I know!!! They're so cute it hurts! Thanks for the compliment on my photos. I am enjoying "Duck TV" and am having the same problem I had when the chickens were in the house. I get stuck every time I walk by. It's amazing anything got done today!

    Kim, The breeds I got happen to be considered good layers but I'm not particularly interested in keeping them for eggs. I will have to try some though, just to make sure! We are going to build a small floating platform for them to sleep on. Perhaps we could incorporate a nest box into it somehow.

  5. Awww... what a little cutie! It's smiling! Love their little feet, too!

  6. Paula, duck feet are perfect. I was just telling my mom that ducks come with their own flip-flops!


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