Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yard Birds

The Red Jungle Fowl faces many perils each day of its life. Hawks, minks, and jungle cats all love chicken for dinner. Here Sweet Pea and Gertie discover they are the object of one such cat's attention.

The alarm is sounded and together the girls bravely investigate further. How to eliminate this threat so that they can continue enjoying their day in the yard?

Simple--kill it with cuteness. Works every time!

They peck the carcass to make sure it's dead, then go about their business in the yard.

Feeling good about their brave attack on the beast that threatened their lives, they stretch their wings and announce themselves victorious!

Sweet Pea says, "I am chicken! Hear me cluck!"


  1. Bahahaha! This is so cute, Amy. The "victorious wing flap" is always such a hoot! Um, I mean cluck... LOL

  2. What brave and beautiful chickens you have!

  3. Paula, they crack me up when they do the wing flap. Just who do they think they are anyway? LOL It just proves that you're as big as you think you are!

    Mare, thank you! We love our chickens. They have become very special to us.

  4. Hey, Amy, what AWESOME pictures. Really enjoyed your post. We are as big as we think we are - how true. :)


  5. Thanks Ron! The chickens provide some pretty good material for posts like this!

  6. What brave chickens you have! Does our cat really leave them alone? I don't know what our cat will do with our chickens. Hmmm. I laughed two or three times with you this morning! Happy chickens!


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