Friday, May 9, 2008

Hawthorns in Bloom

Just a quick entry before I go to bed. I looked out the glass doors while eating dinner last night and noticed that the Hawthorn trees are blooming. After dinner, I grabbed my camera and Derek and I hiked out to the fence row to take photos of this beautiful tree.

Hawthorns are great ornamental trees and they provide large berries for wildlife as well. They also have long black thorns here and there along their branches which adds to their interest. If you are looking for a small ornamental tree for your yard, consider planting a Hawthorn.

Beneath the Hawthorn tree was a dead log with this large bracket fungus growing from it. I thought it was very interesting. One of you mushroom experts will have to tell me what it is.


  1. What a nice blooming tree! I have those large fungi growing in the woods too, also some morels! The morels are not very plentiful this year.

    Betty is quite the momma's girl!

  2. I never knew what those trees were called, we have a whole bunch of them. My husband always referred to them as thorn apple trees. Thanks for the great info. I took some pictures today after seeing how nice they looked on your blog, thanks again! :)

  3. Don, a guy I work with just came back from morel hunting in Michigan and he did very well. He showed me a picture of one he found that was the same size as a bottle of beer! It was amazing!

    Country girl, you are very welcome. I like the fact that so many of the trees on our property are natives. I see them in a whole new light now that I've learned more about them.

  4. Love the tree blossom photo. I had a Hawthron in Utah but moved before we saw much growth.


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