Friday, May 9, 2008

Growing, Growing!

The chicks are almost 5 weeks old and I can't believe they are the same birds I got in April. They change each day and I swear they've gotten bigger each morning I come home from work.

Here, Derek holds Roo in his right hand and Roseanna in his left. I told him he's a chick magnet and he said "Can I get a shirt that says that?" Gives me an idea!

Each of us has a chicken to call our own; Derek has Roseanna, Ian has Rudy and I have my little pullet, Betty. Jim hasn't yet bonded with a bird, but he doesn't spend time with them like the rest of us. Perhaps some day a bird will choose him.

Jim and I put the fenced run in last week. It measures 20' x 23.5' and is attached to the chicken coop. I will get photos tomorrow. I'm planning on letting some of them out to forage in it. Betty and the smaller chicks can squeeze through the 2" wire so I can't put them out and leave them just yet. Also, the hen door isn't cut in the coop, so there's no way for them to go in and out as they please. It makes it a real chore to let them out when I have to pick up each chick, then catch it again when it's time to back in!

Here's my little girl, Betty. She insists on sitting on my shoulder. I broke her of the habit of trying to perch on my head, a big no-no in the bird kingdom. Top bird is me, not Betty! I don't mind her being on my shoulder though.

I'm seriously considering keeping Roo, who was headed for the butcher block if Derek hadn't spent time with him and tamed him down some. Now he's quite nice to be around and doesn't mind being picked up if you move slowly.

I am so glad I ordered some Barred Rocks. I like them so much I'm thinking about getting more next spring when I get my Brahmas and Barnevelders. Maybe I'll try some Partridge Rocks just for some color?

The last photo shows Roo in his handsome plumage. Won't he make a fine looking rooster? He's my biggest bird, too. One of the Barred Rock boys is going to live with a friend from work. He has 15 pullets and no rooster, so I offered him one of my seven. I think he'll like the rooster I give him, he's got tons of personality and is a spunky boy! The smallest BR boy is going to be butchered. My goal is to end up with no more than three roosters: Rudy (Buff Orpington), Silver (Hamburg), and one other, probably Roo. I was going to keep one of the Australorp roosters but they are already acting like roosters at this early age and I don't like them constantly pecking at the Australorp girls. I want my layers to be stress-free and that means minimal attention from roosters. So those Australorp boys better be nice or I'll make a nice roast out of them!


  1. I like our Barred Rocks better then our Rhode Island Reds, they are calm and friendly in comparison.

  2. I miss having Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds! They were such consistent layers and so calm. I went for the photogenic batch this time and even though they are a hoot, I think they are like many pure bred dogs, jumpy and nervous! It's so good for your family to have this hobby! It is officially in their gene pool now!

    I was ready for the chicks to get outside yesterday, it was so beautiful. But, the fence isn't up and my door is not cut either and I would never be able to catch them!

    Great post and pictures!


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