Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogs That Make My Day

I've been trying to come up with a way to highlight some of my favorite blogs. Then my fellow blogger, Kathie, nominated my blog for an award for being one of the blogs that make her day. Thank you Kathie! Not only am I honored that my blog makes your day, but you've given me an easy way to bring attention to some other bloggers out there, some of whom aren't well known!

The rules for this award are:

1) Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.

2) Acknowledge the post of the award giver Thank you Kathie! Kathie's blog is Sycamore Canyon and her photography is delightful.

3) Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news!

Here are my five choices:

Homesteading Hickory Hills - Ron will make you think and keep your life in line with your priorities. We all need at least one friend like him to keep us balanced. He is living the life we all should be living; he lives his life by his own standards. AWESOME READING.

The Official Poultry Bookstore - written by professional journalist, Christine Heinrichs, this blog is rich with information about chickens and chicken breeds as well as issues that affect chicken owners. Short, sweet, yet packed with usable information. A real gem of a blog!

A View From The Green Barn - Ron and his wife, Ruth, journal their activities on their Michigan farm. Ruth is a fantastic photographer and she contributes the photos to Ron's humorous accounts of their projects and pursuits. Ron is always working on a project and their lives remind me of ours here on the Twelve Acres. Always makes me smile!

Losing Our Shirts, Keeping The Farm - In the dictionary under "Determined" the definition states "see Nancy Chase". I stumbled across her blog while searching for "farming" and have been hooked ever since. Together with her husband, Ken, Nancy is successfully running historic Ingleside Farm where they raise Icelandic sheep and Pinto Sport Horses. Brew some coffee and plan to be fixated to your monitor for several hours when you start reading Nancy's blog!

Sycamore Canyon - Kathie is an avid birdwatcher and her photography is just amazing. Her sense of timing is perfect and she captures her favorite subject doing things most photographers can't. I love reading her personal accounts of her birdwatching trips. She lives in one of my favorite areas of the country, the desert southwest.

I hope you'll visit the blogs I've chosen. I read them every evening on my days off and each one makes my day!


  1. Thank you for the honor once again! Can you see me smiling!

  2. Amy, thank you for letting me know that my blog makes your day! That is really nice of you. In fact, I want to return the favor and give you two cuckoo maran roosters! ;)

  3. HA! Nice try Don! (and you're welcome!)

  4. Thanks for sharing the blogs, I look forward to looking at them. I already follow Don's and I enjoy as well. ~Kim

  5. Thank you, Amy! I'm honored to be in such company.


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