Friday, May 2, 2008

Gummi Squirrels?

Do squirrels like Gummi Bears?

Apparently they do! Don't worry, we only let him have one. Jim was snacking on them and I wondered out loud if squirrels like them.

The little Barred Rock that was pecked Wednesday morning has rejoined the rest of the flock. I picked up some Blu-Kote today and sprayed her vent with it. I let her mingle with the other chicks and none of them paid any attention to her blue butt, so I left her with the others. I also named her Sweet Pea because every time I picked her up to check her I kept saying, "Come on Sweet Pea!" So the name stuck. It fits her personality too.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here's a bonus picture of Rocky eating his Gummi Bear. Note the wee tongue action!


  1. Bahahahaha I can't stop laughing! Amy you've really got a great picture there!
    Poor little Sweet Pea, they better leave her alone or I'm coming over to clean house. LOL

  2. Thanks Paula! I was laughing nonstop last night when Rocky was eating his treat. What a riot!

  3. great blog. Had me smiling all day.

  4. Thanks Rod. I'll let Rocky know. He'll be so tickled!

  5. That is a cute little squirrel. I haven't had any blood-letting yet, which is surprising as my 34 are getting very crowded in their brooder. I am putting them in the coop today.

  6. Don, I sincerely hope you won't have to deal with pecking. Do yourself a favor...keep a bottle of Blu-Kote on hand. The stuff works miracles. I've been keeping the two Barred Rock's butts painted with the blue stuff until their feather cover the area. It works like a charm!

  7. Next time I am in a bad mood, I will be coming back to this post for the wee little squirrel tongue. Ack.

    Will we be seeing you this weekend at the big BIRD event?

  8. Susan, I'm glad you can find a mood picker-upper here. That Rocky is so cute and so funny!

    Ah yes, the big bird event. I will have to see. I'm not sure what our weekend plans are just yet, but I will keep that in mind. Thanks for reminding me!


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