Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Peeps Growing Up

Some shots of the month-old peeps acting like big girls. Everyone is getting along well. The little girls have learned to be quick around the big hens. I've put the broilers in general population too. Little Sophia is in the middle, sleeping. She's much smaller than the other chicks but her spunk keeps her on equal terms with them. She's such a cutie and we adore her.

The gold Campine is named Gingersnap. Derek wanted to try the breed to see what they're like. She's a Belgian breed and will lay medium sized white eggs. To her right is Maude the Welsummer who was named by my mom after the TV show from the 70s. She's a big, gangly girl just like the late Bea Arthur, so the name really fits her.

Last is Dorothy the Speckled Sussex, named after another Bea Arthur character from the show "The Golden Girls". She's very sweet and unimposing. On her right is the bold and funny Prissy who was named after the slave girl in the movie "Gone With The Wind". Her counterpart, Scarlet, is the other Barred Rock chick.

Duck egg update: I can see at least 13 eggs in Daisy's nest. She's still sitting half the day. Macaroni isn't disappearing anymore so I assume she's back to normal. Oy, these ducks!


  1. Isn't it funny how fast they grow? My hubby had been feeding ours for a few days, and I went to feed them today....WOW! Man, they can change fast!

  2. I love how you've named these sexy chicks!

  3. Just came over to visit. Love your blog with all your chicken pictures.
    RiverBend Farm

  4. Love the tonka truck! LOL wow those chicks are growing so fast! It sure doesnt take them long to look like a proper chicken! LOL Their names are perfect!

  5. Love their names.... I think Maude fits her to a "T".
    Way to go Derek! He looks right at home working the big equipment!


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