Friday, May 1, 2009

Month-Old Broilers

It's hard to believe that a month has gone by since I got these broiler chicks. To see what they looked like on day one, click here. I can't put them out in the yard with the layer peeps anymore because they're so much larger and tend to bully the little girls. I had to come up with a separate pen for the layer peeps today just to keep them safe.

The broilers should be ready to butcher in 2-3 more weeks. I plan to let them get as large as possible before we do because I've only got 9 of them. I am impressed with the health and vigor of these broilers and plan to order more of them from Ideal Hatchery next spring. The red ones are noticeably larger than the black ones. I'd estimate their weight at around a pound right now.

It was a beautiful day here in northwest Ohio and I was able to get my 10 new trees from Arbor Day Foundation planted in the yard. I love to plant trees! I found a few worms as I dug the holes and saved them for the chickens. Gertie got most of them! Violet was posing for the camera so of course i had to take her picture. She's a pretty little Australorp. When she was a teenager her nickname was "Violent" because she would run up to me and peck me hard on the leg for no reason. She outgrew it eventually. Chicks go through weird phases as they mature!


  1. They look nice. My broilers are 6 days old now. I need to post pictures soon.

  2. The broilers are so cute!!! I guess you have a system for the upcoming purpose for their being so as to not 'chicken out' at the last minute....

    Does Myrtle make a regular appearance?


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  4. Nice looking broilers, Amy! their legs look very sturdy and well able to hold the weight they will gain.

  5. Christy, I'd like to see yours too. I am happy with mine. I'm anxious to see how they dress out.

    Lucy, I saw Myrtle poke her head above the surface of the pond yesterday during a rain shower. I wonder if she's happy in our pond?

    Sunny, yes, these are pretty sturdy birds. I see no signs of leg issues at all.

  6. I did not know broilers come in colors we have only raised the white ones. We currently have 40 and they will be in the freezer in a couple weeks.

  7. I wish I could raise my own broilers....I just think that after doing the deed and cleaning/plucking them I might not enjoy eating them as much! I need to find someone I give them to that gives them back to me in freezer bags!!
    Violet is a pretty little Australorp! I have two of them and love the colors of their feathers when the sun hits them.

  8. They are very wild at times, (I am her son), but nothing compares to Betty. I noticed you didnt put our record of laying eggs on here. not sure when it happened, do you remember?


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