Monday, May 4, 2009

Duck Mystery Partly Solved

While feeding my flock this morning I noticed that the two duck hens were once again MIA. As I walked past the front porch with a can of corn for the ducks I thought to myself, "What if it's as simple as a nest under the front porch?" I stopped and knelt down (hard to do when your back feels like mine) and looked into the farthest, deepest recesses of the front porch. I saw a dark blob in the corner. I went around to the other side and did the same. Then I saw her. Daisy, in the corner in an indentation in the ground. She had her head tucked under her wing and ignored me.

Yesterday, Derek and I walked the perimeter of Twelve Acres (which is 12 acres, by the way) and thought we might stumble upon a duck nest made in the grass. No luck. We got back to the house and saw that the ducks had returned while we were out looking for them. I'm so stupid. And ducks are the smartest creatures on earth.

I still can't find Macaroni's secret spot though. I'm running out of ideas too. I don't know if Daisy's got eggs under her or not, but I'll check today when she leaves her dark corner for a break. If I'm figuring correctly, there should be 3 eggs under her.

The drakes wander aimlessly while their wimmin are gone. Kinda like men, right ladies? I think the hens should leave a list of chores for them to do while they're unattended. Or a deck of cards and some beer.

My own males are gone for the day. Derek's at school, step-son's at camp for the week and Jim is helping his dad all day today. So I've got this entire farm to myself and I'm in heaven. I treated myself to a breakfast fit for a Queen: an omelet with fresh chives, fried ham and provolone cheese with a slice of ham on the side. Was it ever good!

I've integrated the peeps with the hens and it's going really well. The hens aren't real happy about the peeps' energetic shenanigans, but they're coping. Lily had to lay out some ground rules but once they got established all was well. I'll be taking pictures later on today. It's cute to see the tiny baby chickens with the gigantic hens! I've got them in their pens for now just to make sure they don't wander off and get lost.


  1. Glad you solved the duck mystery (at least partially). My chicks are only a little over a week old so it will be awhile before they go out.

  2. Oh that breakfast, You got it going on girl!

    We have ducks wandering around the campground. I know where there live up the road and they come down a good ways to the campground. I suppose folks are feeding them. I haven't been because they say once you start, then they are quacking and waking ya up at sunrise.

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  4. Amy, I am sooo admiring your breakfast, AND your day alone (sigh)

    Tee-hee, yes many times the critters are smarter than the owners (in fact, they know they are the owners and we are the servants, so to speak!) Ironic isn't it?

  5. Funny birds arent they! Under the porch..well guess they couldnt have found a safer place for their babes! Good luck on finding the other! That breakfast looked so yummy! Now I'm thinking its time to make supper after looking at that pic! YUM!


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