Sunday, July 13, 2008

Handmade Gift

Our 50th family reunion was today and my cousin across the road hosted the party at her house. It was nice to see family again. Even though we've been back home for almost a year, I still hadn't seen all of my relatives again. Depending on the relative, that can be a good thing!

My birthday is Saturday and my mom presented me with this very nice king size quilt that she made for me. It goes with the rooster pillow she gave me this spring. Isn't it colorful and interesting? That's what I like about quilts; they are never boring. This one will be cared for and handed down as a family heirloom. So maybe some day my grandchildren will wrap up in it while I read "The Lorax" to them for a bedtime story. It is the perfect weight for a summer-weight quilt.

I found Rocky invading the bird feeder in front of the house this morning when I came home from work. I reached out to pick him up and he grabbed my finger and scared me. I got his food dish and he dove into it, ravenous. After he ate a few peanuts he calmed down and started burying peanuts in the grass. He was very cute patting the grass down on top of the peanuts with his little squirrel paws. It didn't take long for him to jump on my shoulder. I placed my hand over him and carried him inside and woke Jim. The first words out of his mouth were "You found my little friend!" We hadn't seen him for about 5 days and we miss him when he's not around. As always, we fed him a good meal. He ate half a dozen pecan halves in the kitchen, then Jim took him out to the shop where he could get a long drink and snuggle into his hammock for a long nap. Jim is keeping him indoors overnight and will release him again tomorrow.

By all appearances, Rocky seems to be doing very well on his own. He has kept his fat layer and his fur is nice and thick. He has bright eyes and lots of energy--all signs of a healthy critter.


  1. Oh! Your birthday quilt is beautiful!!! And believe me, that grandchildren thing happens sooner than you would think! :) It is so good you got to spend time with Rocky...You did such a great job raising him to be independant. It really is something that he can be just as comfortable in the wild as he is in your home.

  2. Amy, that quilt is beautiful! I love the log cabin pattern. It's one of my favorites. Tell your mom from me that she did a wonderful job.

    Reunions can be a lot of fun. I missed my family's Hart reunion last weekend. With Matthew and Kelly coming home from the hospital that day, we wanted to be close by if they needed us.

    Rocky looks as if he is faring well on his own. It's nice that he still comes home for a visit with Mom and Dad now and then!

  3. Quilts are so beautiful and that one is fabulous! Way to go Mom.

    It is amazing that Rocky is doing so well. I am glad he remembers his family. Maybe he will bring some children around to visit next spring?

  4. Mare, we love having little Rocky in our lives. He is such an interesting and fun critter. That he chooses to share his life with us is amazing and humbling. Rocky has changed my opinion of squirrels.

    Susan, I like the log cabin pattern too. I made a small lap quilt with four squares years ago and really enjoyed putting the colors together. Mom likes sewing much more than I do though.

    Don, hmmmm...more baby squirrels. Lord, what will we do? I can't imagine having more than one of them running around in the yard. I planted hundreds of bulbs last year!!!

  5. That quilt is amazing. I wish I had the patience to make on. 50th family reunion...that is impressive!
    Have a nice weekend! ~Kim

  6. Oh, I loved reading about and seeing photos of your little squirrel friend! I've always wanted to illustrate a story about a squirrel but never "knew" one personally. Amazing that he climbs up on your shoulder and comes into your house for snacks.

    I've never had chickens either, it sounds like they really have personally...they sit on your knee? Who would think...I grew up in the suburbs! -Sunny


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