Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Furry Pencil Sharpener, Part Deux

Excuse me, but could you please help me decide what to use to write a thank you note to the nice people who feed me peanuts and sunflower seeds? A marker? A pencil? How about this nice crayon. Oh dear, I have to sharpen it first.

On second thought, I think I will use a marker. I don't have to sharpen those!


  1. With all that indecision, I'm wondering whether he ever got that 'thank you' note written! :-)
    Does he really like the taste of crayons?

  2. Danni, we are still waiting for the note because Rocky is now out in the woods romping around. It will take a few days, I'm sure. No, he doesn't eat crayons, but like any kid he has to taste everything to see if it's edible. This means that the pencil cup gets emptied on a regular basis!

  3. That Rocky is a powerhouse of talent! He's a heavy duty partier, a budding ladies man, and now a literary genius! You sure did raise him right! :)

  4. Mare, Rocky has been a wonderful little guy to be around. We have learned so much about squirrels and I've changed my mind about them during this whole experience. I used to hate them but now I understand them and really do like them. It's amazing how a little education and understanding can change a person's opinion of things!


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