Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Morning

I love blue and purple in the garden. I came home this morning and captured some of my flowers in the morning light. Here is Cupid's Dart.

"Milky Way" morning glories growing on the handmade trellis given to me by my sister-in-law for a Christmas gift. I made the gourd birdhouse this spring. "Milky Way" is an heirloom variety.

A bumble bee enjoys her nectar breakfast provided by this Liatris. It's good to see bees of any kind. They're very scarce this year.


  1. Your flowers are so gorgeous! I love the Cupid's Dart. I don't think I've ever seen one before. Must put that on my list! My MIL would love that Morning Glory! She's been wanting one, so I think I'll get it for her. Where did you get the seed?

    BTW, Henry has lengthened his crow to 3 parts lately and he's doing it a lot! Hope my neighbors don't get too unhappy.

  2. Morning Amy! Those are beautiful pictures! I love those morning glories. I too have heirloom varieties growing here, but not as stunning as yours!

  3. Susan, the Morning Glory seed was purchased at our local Lowe's this spring. It's easy to find. Let's hope Henry doesn't irritate the neighbors. I'm glad my neighbors are far enough away that it doesn't matter.

    Mare, thank you for your very nice compliment. Morning Glories are among my favorite for covering a vertical space. They're so easy!

  4. Pretty flowers. I've seen a good share of bees around here so far this summer. There is talk of the bee population dwindling, that is a scary thought! ~Kim

  5. I need to ge some of that Cupid's Dart as well. I have never seen it before. You have taken some great photos!

    My neighbor (1/4 mile away) was playing his stereo very loudly until midnight last night. I hope he had a hangover this morning because my 6 roosters were singing like they were trying out for the gong show at 6:30! (am I mean?)

  6. The pictures are GORGEOUS! I love your morning glories, so pretty.

    You do an awesome job, and Don wants the purple flower to plant in our front bed next year. We're wondering what the plant itself looks like. Is it shrubby? We were thinking of pairing them with black-eyed susans. What do you think?

  7. Love the flower photos and the young lad jumping in the water in the previous post. I'd love to do that!

  8. Amy, what lovely photos. Your garden is blooming so wonderfully. It must be a sight to brighten your day when you first wake up!

  9. Those flowers are gorgeous, Amy. I especially love the Cupid's Dart...
    You really got a great picture of the bumble bee!!! We have seen a lot of them lately, plus more honey bees than usual. (Yay! I love honey bees.)


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