Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Gift From Mom

My mom stopped by yesterday on her way through the area and she presented me with this quilted pillow that she made. Look at all the different colors and fabrics! Isn't it nice? It goes well with our bedding and it's just the right size for snuggling with while sleeping. It's a one of a kind and I really like it. Mom is getting into the chickens as much as I am.

A very strong thunderstorm system moved through our area later in the day. I couldn't believe how hard it was raining. I've lived here most of my life and have never seen it rain that hard. We got over 8" of water in our basement too. Jim called the insurance company today and took care of everything so I don't have to worry about it. The water heater is fine but we have to have the furnace checked before we will know if we have to replace it. The furnace guy is coming out Monday to look at it. Let's hope it's OK! We are going to have to replace the carpet in the foyer because the skylight leaks like a sieve, especially when it's raining hard. Jim wants to take the skylight out completely and I agree. It just lets excessive heat in and it is a constant headache because of the leak. So we might just tear it out and get rid of that problem altogether.

Here's a picture of our furnace. It's sitting on cinder blocks.


  1. Sheesh, Amy, I knew the storms went to the north and east of us... sorry you got nailed by them! That's a whole lot of rain to fall in one place! My daughter and I went for a hike and got caught in torrential downpours, but they didn't last too long, and the house stayed dry.

    Those pillows are great, real works of art. I'd love to try something like that this winter (yeah, yeah, guys aren't supposed to do that stuff... blah blah blah). :)


  2. Oh, Amy, too bad! I hope you dry out soon!

  3. I love those pillows! So bright and cheerful! One could never be sad looking at them!


  4. Oh I want to get on your Mom's good side!! And FAST! LOL
    So sorry about all the water, Amy... I hope the furnace is o.k.!

  5. What a gorgeous pillow!

    The basement is a bummer though. We used to get water in our basement every time we had a hard rain, and eventually had to dig out and waterproof the sides again. I suspect it's why the last people moved out, though they neglected to tell us that little problem. :-(

    Hope you get yours dried out without too much difficulty.

  6. Oh my gosh! That's a lot of rain to fall at one time! So sorry about your furnace and basement!
    I hope it can be fixed and everything will work just fine.

    Those pillows sure are pretty and will surely cheer you up.


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