Monday, June 23, 2008

Still Kicking

Above: My chickens helping themselves to my sun tea.

It's been a week since my last entry. Nothing has been going on worth mentioning though. We are busy with trying to budget our insurance money to replace the furnace, remove the skylight and install tile in the foyer. It's frustrating and plain not fun. There are a lot of reasons why my life is "not fun" right now but I'm trying to forget about them all and just enjoy my life as much as possible. I spend a lot of my free time away from everybody, just watching the chickens or doing some light gardening. I'm trying not to dwell on the problems we're facing right now. Suffice it to say that Jim and I feel like we're stuck in the mud, just spinning our wheels, getting nowhere fast.

This blog is about the good in life and how nice it is to live where we do. I won't bring negative topics into it. One good thing that happened is I sold my Cutlass today. It was a 1972 Holiday Coupe and we needed to get it out of the shop to make room and the money is going toward getting the attic better ventilated and insulated before winter. We MUST make this happen.

I climbed up on the roof tonight and cleaned all the maple seeds out of the gutters that were clogging the downspouts. That should help keep the water from entering the basement anymore. They really needed to be cleaned out!

The 50th Annual Moore Family Reunion is coming up on July 13. Some of the cousins are gathering old stories and photos of the family to put together into a book of some sort. I got an email from my cousin Mary this morning asking for a photo of our family. And with a stinging slap in the face, I realized we don't have one. Not a single one. I guess that's what can happen when you have a combined family. I'm not the typical mom. Other mothers might love to get their family together for a yearly photo shoot. I've never done that. I feel somehow inadequate and ashamed. I should want to do things like that but I don't even care.

Driving home from work this morning I thought about all the things going on right now and how it must have felt to be Job. God let the devil mess up Job's life really bad, but he was never allowed to kill him. It feels like God isn't very pleased with me right now.

I'll be back when I have something pleasant to share. In the meantime, I'll just be checking everyone else's blogs and not writing much.


  1. Oh boy - I think we must be living parallel lives! Yeah, actually, someone asked me recently - "Do you feel at all like Job?" I've actually read the book of Job recently, and I'm thankful we don't have it nearly as bad off as he had!

    Just want you to know I feel your pain, girlfriend! You'll be much in my prayers!



  2. Oh, Amy... I wish I could wrap my arms around you and give you a big hug....
    There have been many times I've wanted to kick myself for walking away from a good paying job like I did a year and a half ago- and sometimes I think, "Boy did you mess up!" especially when bills overdue, the car needs repair, and we're out of feed... but I had to do it for my own health and sanity and we've still managed to scrape by somehow!! (and I mean SCRAPE at times!)
    You hang in there girl- it won't be easy and at times you'll be tempted to give up (or give in) but HANG ON TO YOUR DREAM and have faith- God will make a way! Even in the worst financial situations we've been through- I still wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's!!
    Sorry to be a blabbermouth...

  3. Amy, I hope things start going your way soonest. I know how it feels when it seems as if there's nothing good happening in your life. We have that feeling a lot around here and it sucks. David is the eternal optimist, though, and usually manages to talk me out of my depression.

    I know what you mean about the family photos. We haven't had one made since our oldest was about 14 and he's now 32. Now I don't care if we ever have one made with Josh missing from the picture.

    Chin up, hon. Slog through it. That's all you can do.


  4. Dear Amy,
    It sounds like you are so over burdened and overwhelmed. I can totally relate to that my friend. I do not live on a farm unfortunately. It has always been my dream since i was a small child. But situations in life just didn't allow that dream to happen. I do know that right now, it has to take a special kind of strong woman to stay with that dream, with the economy going as it is. Just know that you have many friends you have never laid eyes on that are sending you strength, and love and prayers to help you get thru the tough times.

  5. Amy, don't despair. I have been through dark times also. The sun will shine again. So sorry you have hit a rough patch. My prayers are with you. Hugs from AZ! Perhaps a walk about the 12 acres will lift your spirits. You have a great dream going there. Don't lose sight of that.

  6. Thanks to all of you for your kind words! I am keeping my chin up and reminding myself of how good my life really is out here. It's nice to know that there are others out there who care.

  7. Sorry to hear you are going through rough times, my thoughts are with you!
    P.S. I barely have any family pictures and I have never had our pictures professionally done so do not feel bad about that.

  8. Kim, thank you. It's nice to know I'm not alone with the picture thing.

  9. Amy, sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. Troubles seem to come in bunches sometimes. I hope the sun shines through soon for you and you'll have lots of stories to tell about all the GREAT things happening in your life.


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